It’s a Small Business Monster Mash!

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Halloween Brings Out the Ghouls

On most days of the year, the nuisance monsters that small business owners know so well do their dirty work in secret. We see the signs – paperwork that multiplies (Paperwork Pest), a 50-step process for anything that requires a license (Red Tape Worm), and unexplainable fees (Nickel & Demon). But, on one night of the year, the Small Business Monsters come out of hiding to join their other ghoulish friends and family for a late-night monster mash. It’s Halloween.

On this special evening, you can find these monsters connecting with old friends. What kind of friends? Let’s take a look.

  • BOOGYMANager can often be found staying up late night with his older brother the Boogeyman to give trick-or-treaters another fright right before bed.

  • Red Tape Worm and Bigfoot*Note would be connected at the hip if they had hips. What’s their favorite Halloween activity? A costume party, of course. Their “go-to” outfit, a small business owner the night before payroll is due…just after the internet goes out. (Frightening.)
  • Nickel & Demon will likely visit Cousin Itt, a distant relative who shares similar characteristics — both are bodiless, quiet, understood by no one outside the immediate family, and are all around super sneaky about causing disruption.
  • Paperwork Pest and the Homework Eating Hunchback (a virtually unknown ghoul scoffed at by teachers as “not real”) continue their terrorizing antics, switching the candy bags of innocent trick-or-treaters with a bags full of raisin boxes and fig newton cookies. Eek.
  • Time Fritter Critter loves to turn off his “timer” for a bit and relax with his cooler-based pals The Grinch and the Abominable Snowman, for one late night at the beach, floating in the warm waters before returning back to work.

All the ghoulish fun ends at daylight. The Small Business Monsters say goodbye to their ghostly and monstrous pals, recharged from a night of fun to continue their demonizing antics.

Need Post-Halloween Help for Small Business Monsters?

It’s a lot of work to run a small business. And these monsters don’t ever seem to let up. In fact, they may seem a bit stronger toward the end of the year, energized after their Halloween holiday.

Fending off these small business monsters is Decent’s specialty. Our monster protection includes: 

  • Affordable health insurance employees like with $0 medical deductibles so you know what you’re paying for. (No Nickel & Demon here!)
  • Offloading time-intensive HR tasks like creating employee handbooks and onboarding programs. 
  • Setting up a smooth and easy payroll system that you don’t have to think about 
  • Customer service with real people to answer your questions so you and your employees aren’t navigating a phone tree

Making health insurance accessible has always been our mission. It's the reason we designed our small group health plans from the ground up and offer them bundled with HR and Payroll through a PEO model. It’s also why our payroll and HR admin fees are the lowest around because our focus is on making good quality small group health plans and the PEO makes that possible.

Want to learn more about how you can fend off the Small Business Monsters with Decent? Try our rapid quote or contact us at

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