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Your Decent plan provides unlimited primary care visits, allowing your Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider to truly understand your needs and give you the care you deserve. When you follow your DPC’s guidance, all covered services are free, removing financial barriers to getting the care you need.

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how it works

Your guide to getting $0 care

We match you with a dedicated Direct Primary Care Provider (DPC)

We can help schedule all the appointments you need, often same or next day

Get your care for free. No deductible, no copays, no coinsurance

Your DPC provider provides most of your care and coordinates the rest

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Everything you need to take advantage of your Decent plan. Log into your member portal to:

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    Download ID cards
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    Find plan information
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    Search claim details
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    Check plan coverage & eligibility

We are here to help

Our support team is here to help with all of your benefits questions. For best-in-class service, reach out to the Decent team at 1-888-DECENT9.

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FREQuently asked questions

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