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We launched ACA compliant health insurance plans priced at 40% below market with a Net Promoter Score 5x industry average. Here’s what you’ll love:

Free concierge primary care

$0 medical deductible plans

Austin, TX based support team

A passion for affordability…

Decent has rethought health insurance from the bottom up in order to get you the best pricing in the market for ACA compliant plans.

Our revolutionary structure allows us to offer small businesses comprehensive plans at prices closer to those previously only enjoyed by large self funded company plans.

Meets an obsession with member experience

Imagine how your insurance company would treat you if they weren’t, well, your insurance company.

Your experience comes first at Decent. Every member is assigned their personal Customer Service Ambassador (based in Austin, Texas) who will move mountains for you and your team.

The future of primary care, today

Decent’s Direct Primary Care options are designed to keep your staff healthier than they’ve ever been.

They’ll never pay anything out of pocket to see their doctor, have 24/7 access to them remotely, and typically have access to half hour long same day appointments.

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Where you can sign up for Decent

Starting October 1st, 2020, everyone in the great state of Texas can enroll in a Decent plan if they qualify.

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