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Decent is the world leader in building health plans around DPC

At Decent, we are revolutionizing health plans by building around Direct Primary Care providers, like you. That's why our plans cost about 40% less than traditional options, saving employers thousands while still covering what employees need.

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Our technology removes administrative work so you can focus on what you care about most: patients.

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Why choose Decent?

A health plan that brings you and your practice peace of mind, not headaches.

High Performing Networks

We also have direct contracts and a network wrap expanding our footprint.

Practice Growth

Access more patients through our relationships with brokers and employers in your local area, helping you grow your practice.

how it works

Decent helps expand the benefit of Direct Primary Care

We integrate directly with leading ecosystem partners like Hint and Nextera to match patients directly with DPCs in their local area

DPC gains access new patients through Decent, expanding their practice

DPC provides primary care and helps coordinate the rest. The Decent Care Team is available to provide members with clinical and non-clinical support

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A DPC experience everyone loves

When Decent members visit in-network providers, they pay absolutely nothing out of pocket. No expensive deductibles, no confusing coinsurance, no hidden copays.

Dr. Ben Aiken

"Decent is redefining health plans by putting DPC at the core. Their deep expertise translates into an unparalleled experience for DPC practices like ours."

Dr. Ben Aiken
Founder, CEO & Family Physician at Lantern Health

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