The Paperwork Pest

Origin: A bureaucrat that fell into a radioactive vat of ink

Favorite things:
Paper cuts, administrative loopholes, shuffling around the papers when small business owners aren’t looking

Pet Peeves:
Online forms, TurboTax, businesses that don’t have fax machines

The Paperwork Pest knows its days are numbered. More and more administrative work is moving online and things should be getting better. That’s why when it catches a small business owner with paperwork out on their desk, it savors whatever misery it can inflict.

How to spot the Paperwork Pest’s work

These papers seem to have a mind of their own - shuffling at will

Finish some paperwork? Here’s your reward - more paperwork.

Seems like your pile continues to grow from the bottom.

Your paperwork grows paperwork!

Had enough of the Paperwork Pest?

It’s a lot of work running a business (and fending off these Small Business Monsters). It’s a lot less work with Decent.
Easy peasy benefits, payroll and HR. Let us take care of the monsters.

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