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Our mission

Everyone deserves affordable health insurance

Decent was founded to work on a simple problem that has a whole heck of a complicated solution - how do we provide affordable health insurance for all? 

We tinkered on it for a few years before cracking it. Turns out the secret to affordable health insurance is making people affordable to insure. Free primary care, $0 medical deductibles, and specific industry focuses have helped us craft plans that actually keep people healthier - meaning we can offer it to people at lower prices.

Decent has launched the only PEO (Professional Employer Organization) with an embedded TPA (Third Party Administrator) to allow us to custom build and price plans. We help our members get and stay healthy and we all win.


Nick Soman

Nick founded Decent back in 2018. As he likes to playfully say he’s “the only member of his family who didn’t go into medicine.” Nick has a rare disorder that’s resulted in complete paralysis twice in his life - you learn a lot about the American medical system when your literal life depends on it. 
Nick’s taken his personal history, mixed with his professional past as a repeat founder to launch his most ambitious company yet - one shooting to fix health insurance in America. 

MBA: Harvard Business School
Undergrad: Stanford
Best dance move: The Sprinkler


Richard Luck

Richard had co-founded Nick’s previous start up with him and Nick wasted no time pulling him into Decent from Amazon where he was managing a development team.

Richard feels strongly that the consumer hasn’t been considered for a long time in American healthcare and he’s excited to reconstruct something that truly works for the people actually using it.

Fun fact about Richard: Used to run a nightclub in Utah when he was quite young
More fun fact about Richard: He’s been publishing Pif magazine for the last 25 years on the side
Odder fact about Richard: Somehow an Army and Navy vet

What do we do?

Decent envisions a world where everyone has the freedom to do the work they want without sacrificing access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare.

We offer more affordable health insurance options by aligning incentives to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care.

Decent’s journey towards
affordable insurance for all.

Decent's Journey towards affordable insurance for all graphic

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