About Us

About Us: Decent will offer more affordable healthcare by aligning incentives to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care.


About Us

Affordable healthcare for all.


Decent will offer more affordable healthcare by aligning incentives to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care. 

Nick Soman

Decent’s CEO Nick is a serial entrepreneur who loves people and culture and growth. He scaled his first company to millions and sold it to Napster, and has worked to build the Kindle at Amazon and the growth team at Gusto. He started Decent after recovering from paralysis because he believes affordable healthcare will help more people do what they want to do. He lives in Mill Valley with his wife Anna and sons Boone and Benjamin, two wild little boys who are karma personified.
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Michael Lapinski Ph.D

Decent’s CTO Michael has a Ph.D from MIT Media Lab and 20 years experience architecting distributed systems and platforms, which include blockchain and cryptoeconomics. He worked for IBM and GE Research, was chief architect of FIPER (Acquired by D’Assult Systemes), was a co-founder and CTO of Sonix, his dissertation pioneered the use of wearables for sports, and he led future UX & product design at Samsung. He joined Decent because he wants to work on a problem worth solving. He lives in San Francisco and races motocross as often as he can.
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Richard Luck

Decent's COO Richard is an experienced entrepreneur and engineering lead who has spent the past 20 years helping teams large and small build great products.  He co-founded Decent because he believes the customer has been absent from healthcare for too long and the dynamics of the industry need to change. He lives north of Seattle with his wife and three very active sons and spends his free time publishing an online journal of poetry and fiction.
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Decent's in house healthcare nerd Molly has spent the last 20 or so years exploring the healthcare industry from many angles. She has worked in a variety of roles for providers, payers, venture capital investors, and self funded purchasers. Molly hopes that her work with Decent will disrupt the status quo healthcare industry and drive meaningful change to improve the lives of all. Molly lives in Seattle with her family and coaches roller derby in her spare time.
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Decent's Product Lead Korina has been delivering experiences people love for over 2 decades. Six years ago, she started to focus her energy on products & solutions that help people: first wellness apps, then incentive programs for health. A perennial student of Behavioral Economics, she's excited to join the amazing team at Decent, align incentives within the ecosystem, and bring affordable healthcare to all. She lives in Seattle with her husband-like partner, their four kids, two cats, and five motorcycles.
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Decent's Product Manager Suzanne is passionate about finding and amplifying the voice of the customer.  She joined Decent because she is driven to use business innovation for social good. Her previous experience includes being hired early for product management at Reveal Chat, which was acquired by Napster in 2015, after growing to over 1M users. A great day for Suzanne involves getting outside on a rare sunny day in Seattle or playing DnD with friends.
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Andy is an experienced software craftsman, who spent the last 15 years honing his skills designing and programming web platforms for various industries. For a while now he has been searching for a place where he could change peoples' lives for the better using technology and he found it at Decent. Andy lives in Gdańsk, Poland with his wife and two crazy daughters. After hours he can never decide if he should to read, play piano, paint, draw or play go.
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Saroj is an undergraduate Mathematics and Computer Science student at UC Berkeley and an Executive Vice President of Blockchain at Berkeley. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups on developing novel blockchain PoCs. Currently, he is putting together the first EdX course on blockchain, and is also doing cryptoeconomic research, particularly on Proof of Stake and PoS hybrid protocols. He joined Decent to work on a platform that can make an impact in an industry that needs it. Outside of blockchain, he is a competitive powerlifter, a voracious reader, and a very mediocre cook.
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Sean is an engineer and a radical who believes in the power of technology to empower people and improve their lives. He has worked on projects ranging from encrypted communications to distributed operating systems in various forms. He joined Decent because he believes that blockchain is a technology that can democratize markets and healthcare should be in the hands of those providing and receiving care. Sean enjoys home on an island near Seattle with his two wild kids, their superhuman mother, and his family's wildcrafting, theater, and entrepreneurship.
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Derric Wise

Decent’s Design Lead, Derric, is committed to creating exceptional brand experiences. Over that past 15 years, he has been fortunate enough to lead the rebranding and design efforts for large-scale, global identity systems and popular Seattle startups. He is passionate about finding creative solutions that put people and their needs first and joined Decent to be part of innovating US healthcare with a human-centric core value.  Derric lives near Seattle and enjoys camping and exploring the PNW with his wife, two children, and tennis ball loving german shepherd. 

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Ryan Scott

Ryan has a background in management consulting and engineering with a bias for action and building things that help people. Prior to joining the Decent team he worked for a traditional health insurer where he led large-scale process improvement initiatives. Ryan joined Decent to help disrupt the bloated and inefficient current state of US healthcare. On the weekends Ryan can typically be found at the neighborhood park with his wife and 17-month old daughter trying to decide if we love swings or slides more.

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