Let's fix health insurance, together.

About our team

Decent envisions a world where everyone has the freedom to do the work they want without sacrificing access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare.

We offer more affordable health insurance options by aligning incentives to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care.

Nick Soman

Decent’s CEO Nick is a serial entrepreneur who loves people and culture and growth. He scaled his first company to millions and sold it to Napster, and has worked to build the Kindle at Amazon and the growth team at Gusto. He started Decent after recovering from paralysis because he believes affordable healthcare will help more people do what they want to do. He lives in Mill Valley with his wife Anna and sons Boone and Benjamin, two wild little boys who are karma personified.

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Richard Luck

Decent's COO Richard is an experienced entrepreneur and engineering lead who has spent the past 20 years helping teams large and small build great products. He co-founded Decent because he believes the customer has been absent from healthcare for too long and the dynamics of the industry need to change. He lives north of Seattle with his wife and three very active sons and spends his free time publishing an online journal of poetry and fiction.

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Molly Moore

Decent's in house healthcare nerd Molly has spent the last 20 or so years exploring the healthcare industry from many angles. She has worked in a variety of roles for providers, payers, venture capital investors, and self funded purchasers. Molly hopes that her work with Decent will disrupt the status quo healthcare industry and drive meaningful change to improve the lives of all. Molly lives in Seattle with her family and coaches roller derby in her spare time.

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Chris Boscolo

Decent's VP of Engineering is an experienced technical leader and entrepreneur who loves building products people need. Before joining Decent, he was focused on building better digital identity solutions leveraging blockchain technology. He joined Decent to make healthcare easier and more affordable for everyone regardless of where they work. Chris lives near Seattle and enjoys playing soccer, day trips with his wife, and family dinners.

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Andy Skiba

Andy is an experienced software craftsman, who spent the last 15 years honing his skills designing and programming web platforms for various industries. For a while now he has been searching for a place where he could change peoples' lives for the better using technology and he found it at Decent. Andy lives in Gdańsk, Poland with his wife and two crazy daughters. After hours he can never decide if he should to read, play piano, paint, draw or play go.

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Ryan Scott

Ryan has a background in management consulting and engineering with a bias for action and building things that help people. Prior to joining the Decent team, he worked for a traditional health insurer where he led large-scale process improvement initiatives. Ryan joined Decent to help disrupt the bloated and inefficient current state of US healthcare. On the weekends Ryan can typically be found at the neighborhood park with his wife and 2 year old daughter trying to decide if we love swings or slides more.

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Derric Wise

Decent’s Design Lead, Derric, is committed to creating exceptional brand experiences. Over that past 15 years, he has been fortunate enough to lead the rebranding and design efforts for large-scale, global identity systems and popular Seattle startups. He is passionate about finding creative solutions that put people and their needs first and joined Decent to be part of innovating US healthcare with a human-centric core value. Derric lives near Seattle and enjoys camping and exploring the PNW with his wife, two children, and tennis ball loving german shepherd.

Marshall Darr

Decent’s Marketing Lead, Marshall Darr, joined the team from Gusto where he built out and ran their Lifecycle Marketing team - and met Nick Soman. He’s joining Decent after a recent accident gave him some eye-opening, firsthand experience navigating the broken world that is the current American healthcare system. Marshall lives in San Francisco and in his free time, you can either find him catching up with friends or at a stand-up comedy open mic.

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Chris Miotk

Chris is a software engineer with a passion for clean code. After spending a few years in control engineering area he moved to server-side programming, lured by endless challenges lying in decentralized systems and decentralized architecture. Believing that engineers should change people's lives for the better he joined Decent. Chris lives in Gdynia, in Poland and never misses an opportunity for a closer or a more distant motorcycle ride.

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Tom Wnorowski

Tom is a senior software engineer with over nine years of experience in architecting, designing, and implementing various software projects. He believes in software craftsmanship and considers himself as T-Shaped developer who specializes in distributed systems. He is a team player who, over the years, had a pleasure to work as test automation, build, database and backend engineer. This gives him insight into many different areas of software development. He joined Decent because he believes that result of their work will have a positive ripple effect on the whole healthcare industry. Tom lives in Gdańsk with his wife, and when he is not coding, he enjoys a good book or movie.

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Maciek is a front-end developer at Decent. He devoted the last 10+ years to software engineering, hoping that someday he’ll actually work on something worthwhile that would positively impact people’s lives. He’s found that opportunity at Decent.

Maciek lives in Gdansk, Poland, where he and his wife are constantly trying to convince their two little boys that sleep is actually a good thing. In his spare time, he's dreaming of traveling all over with his family in their not-yet-ready-but-soon-to-be-built camper van.

Oleksii Ivashchenko

Oleksii is a test engineer with a passion for ensuring the quality of the product being built. For the last 8 years he had been working in various web projects of different profiles. His understanding of end-user needs and tech team operations helps him to produce versatile test processes.

Oleksii has joined Decent as he saw an opportunity to become a part of a highly skilled and passionate team with a strong desire to make a difference and change for the better.

He is enjoying life with his wife, kid and a cat in a Gdansk, Poland. Cooks the best creps in town and starts to fulfill one of the biggest dreams of the last years - a motorcycle traveling.

Charlie Smith

Charlie has spent the last 5 years working in management and support, and is passionate about providing excellent service to customers. Charlie’s main focus has always been empathy and engagement, and how to make the most positive impact with customers. They joined Decent for an opportunity to help others and make a difference in the healthcare industry. They spend their free time at the gym or doing yoga on the weekends.

Elijio Salas

Decent’s Agency Management Lead, Elijio Salas, is as Texas as it gets. Born and raised in Austin, he has enjoyed the last 25 plus years working as a commercial underwriter, real estate broker, mortgage broker, consultant, insurance regulator, and servant leader to many. He explains that he was drawn to Decent by its mission to engage/fix a broken healthcare system and inspired by the commitment of Decent’s leadership and staff to create and innovate the way forward. Past his love of coaching, developing, and mentoring his own, Elijio has been known to strategize over just about anything business, while trying to figure out how to cook a “good meal” for his family and guests.

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Maurissa Cervantes

Maurissa has spent the last three years in quality assurance. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in business management and leadership. She is compassionate about helping others and providing great customer service. Maurissa joined Decent to help make an impact in the health insurance industry. She spends her free time with her son and going to the gym.

Vanessa Gonzalez

Vanessa has a Health insurance background in customer service. Prior to joining Decent, Vanessa worked with a coperate health insurance assisting in customer service and specialized in benefits for an Accountable Care Organization. Vanessa joined Decent to help and grow the positive impact of Direct Primary Care. She was born and raised in Austin Tx, and she loves co-ed competitive sports like flag football, softball and kickball.

Nicole Thurman

I am the Partnership Lead at Decent which means I get to engage some of the most absolutely incredible companies, organizations, and associations to help them get their people access to affordable (and usable) health insurance plans.

Kelly McCann

Decent's UX Designer, Kelly, geeks out over creating compassionate, seamless experiences for people. She has worked inside or alongside startups for almost the entirety of her career and loves all the high-fives that coincide with ambitious, mission-driven teams. Kelly joined Decent to help make healthcare more accessible and human-centric. Outside of work, she's typically playing with her dog, on an outdoor adventure, or perusing art museums.

Kaiza Molina

Hi, I’m Kaiza and I just joined Decent. Decent’s Lifecycle Marketing Lead, Kaiza, joined the team from Gusto where she focused on engaging, converting, and retaining leads by crafting thoughtful customer-centric experiences. Kaiza joined Decent to help disrupt the broken health care system in the U.S. by making health care accessible and affordable for all. On the weekends you can find Kaiza admiring her native city of San Francisco while hanging with friends and family.

Jane Watts

I joined decent because I am very passionate about making healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone. My previous experience includes account management, provider relations, and provider contract management. A perfect day for me is spending time with family out on the lake.

Austin Gray

Decent’s Claims Management Lead, Austin, is passionate about disrupting the current healthcare model by creating processes and experiences that streamline and enhance the healthcare ecosystem. She has been working in Healthcare over the last decade and she has spent the last 6+ years deeply entangled in the complexities of medical billing and claims processing. Austin lives south of Seattle with her 5 cats, dog and fish. On the weekends she can be found at the local farmers market, hiking in the beautiful PNW or working in her garden.

Paul Sandoval

Decent's IT Project Manager, Paul must put all things in boxes and arrange each box in proper sequence. He has a personal interest in transforming the American healthcare system into something accessible to everyone in need. With over 10 years of project management experience Paul brings a unique blend of discipline and humor to task-management and big picture design. Outside of his love of gantt charts, status reports, and risk management Paul can be found fishing along Puget Sound's shoreline, walking his dogs, or campsploring the state of Washington with his wife.

Danielle Grant

As Decent’s Customer Service Lead, Danielle is focused on improving service delivery for our members and providers. She joined Decent because she wants to improve the experience of everyday US healthcare consumers. She finds the current system frustrating and wants to remove the friction from accessing affordable, quality care. Danielle lives in Austin, TX and in her free time, you can find her spending time with her family, enjoying a stroll along Lady Bird Lake or throwing herself into a new creative project.

Jeffrey Chatman

Decent’s Internal Sales Agent, Jeffrey Chatman, was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. While working with independent contractors and small businesses in the energy industry, he constantly found himself scratching his head at the lack of affordable healthcare in our country and why no one was doing anything about it.

He was floored upon discovering Decent’s refreshing approach to healthcare. It turns out that when you put the patient/doctor relationship first, everyone wins! His focus at Decent is making sure your business has someone on their side to help cut through the BS. He makes it simple to get the right plans for your employees' needs - oh, and he wants to save you and your employees $$$.

Jeffrey currently lives in Austin, TX and (pre-COVID) could be found on the weekends performing at one of Austin’s many improv comedy theaters.

Steven Allen

I’m one of Decent’s Customer Service Ambassadors. My role is providing the best customer care I can to our members while representing the voice of our members and providers. Whether it be explaining the benefits and prices of our plans or helping to get claims processed, I’m here to make health insurance easier for everyone.

Chaquintala Shaw

I recently joined Decent as a Claims Support Analyst. I am very excited to bring my experience and knowledge of adjudicating claims and supporting day to day claims processing. In my new role at Decent, I will be working with experienced leaders to optimize the claims process and support documentation development. When I’m not working I enjoy traveling, working out, enjoying walks with King my pet Shih-Tzu, and catching up with family and friends.

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