Meet the BOOGYMANager, the Small Business Monster that Loves to Thwart Good Work

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And Three Ways They Cause Harm to Your Small Business

An essential piece of all small business success is the people. The ones who call the customers, make the dough, build the software, recruit new hires, deliver the products — you get what we mean.

Sometimes in the midst of trying to grow the business, certain HR steps might be skipped, a tendency for small business owners who don’t have an HR person or team to guide them. This is where the BOOGYMANager thrives. Of all the Small Business Monsters, this ghoul’s tactics are the most subtle yet cause the most catastrophic damage. And because small business owners are often so busy juggling many responsibilities, its antics are barely noticed until too late.

Signs of a Bad Manager (“BOOGYMANager”)

The BOOGYMANager wasn’t always like this. They started their career bright-eyed and hopeful. But over time, the weight of absent or poorly explained HR policies eventually turns them rogue. They’ll do whatever they can to avoid any new policy, ignore all the existing ones, and try to get in the way of good work. 

How do you spot them?

  • Does it seem like the manager can’t help themself from checking in three or 20 times a day? 
  • Does it feel like gossiping, guilting, and/or overworking are this manager’s mantras? (If they look up to Elon Musk for his empathetic leadership style, beware.) 
  • Do they never include a salutation yet don’t hesitate to include inappropriate emojis in their emails?

Ignoring this Small Business Monster can lead to big deal issues down the road. 

  1. Higher turnover. Incompetent and/or bullying managers aren’t ones people like to work for…at least not for long.

  2. Lower morale. Employees who aren’t happy are less interested in producing great work.
  3. Wasted resources (time & money). Hiring and training new stuff costs time and money. Lower morale leads to lower productivity which costs time and money. And if news spreads about an unhealthy work culture, your small business brand could take a hit.

Ways to Fend Off BOOGYMANager

Fending off the BOOGYMANager and other Small Business Monsters is Decent’s specialty. We help small business owners take care of their people which means offering affordable health insurance while taking over their payroll and HR needs so that they’ll have more time to focus on their business. (Building basic HR protocols can prevent any BOOGYMANagers from disrupting your small business.) 

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