Meet the Time Fritter Critter, the Small Business Monster that Leans into Boring

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And the 4 Most Unliked Parts of Being a Small Business Owner and What You Can Do About it

Ever feel panic when you look up to find out it’s much later than you thought? That is the Time Fritter Critter doing its dirty work. This Small Business Monster loves long admin to-do lists that seem to spiral on and on. Its most maddening tactic is to distract small business owners’ focus which inevitably causes an anxious-ridden scramble as they realize what time it is.

Paperwork, payroll, benefits administration, and anything related to tax filings get the Time Fritter Critter particularly energized. Amid this “boring but important work”, this time-sucking ghoul will lure the dazed owner away from the necessary and toward the unproductive. (His new favorite tool is Tiktok.)

Time Fritter Critter often pairs up with other Small Business Monsters like Paperwork Pest, Red Tape Worm, and the Bigfoot*note to inflict its most troublesome pain. The combination of the three is beyond infuriating and can sometimes cause small business owners' hair to turn grey almost instantaneously.

How to Stop the Time Fritter Critter

It’s a lot of work to run a small business and startup. For smaller-sized employers, who either have a tiny HR team or spread the functions across many staff, the admin work can eat up your time.

According to a survey from SCORE, a national organization that provides mentorship for small businesses and startups, 40% of small business owners say bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business. The top four other most disliked parts:

  • administrative headaches and time
  • complexity of compliance
  • changing regulations and confusion
  • “all the paperwork”

And it is in these onerous business activities where the Time Fritter Critter becomes most powerful. 

If it feels like “small tasks” seem to take much longer than you thought or right when you start to make progress, a wild distraction appears, that’s its work. There is another way.

Fending off Time Fritter Critter and the other Small Business Monsters is Decent’s specialty. As a professional employer organization (PEO), Decent specializes in all that necessary back-office work that goes into running a business. Outsourcing your ‘boring and mundane’ and getting amazing affordable health benefits is Decent. Can you imagine what you’ll do with fewer headaches, less paperwork, and someone else doing your payroll? 

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