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The Red Tape Worm

Origin: the depths of a bureaucratic abyss.

Favorite things:
Phone trees, citing page 100+ of the Terms & Conditions, creating forms for forms, conditional rules

Pet Peeves:
Simplicity, unencumbered  joy

The Red Tape Worm has been prompting small business owners to pull out their hair ever since it first emerged. Its relentless winding intricacies often force these entrepreneurs to spend several hours on a task just to wind up back where they started (except now they’re weeping).

How to spot the Red Tape Worm’s work

Explaining the situation for a fourth time.

Filling out an oddly familiar form (again).

Your “answer” is that you asked your question in the wrong place.

Requests denied on technicalities off the filling paper.

Had enough of the Red Tape Worm?

It’s a lot of work running a business (and fending off these Small Business Monsters). It’s a lot less work with Decent. Easy peasy benefits, payroll and HR. Let us take care of the monsters.

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