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The Time Fritter Critter

Origin: A temporal anomaly that realized it could feed off of entrepreneurs and small business owners

Favorite things:
Unscoped busy work, HR and payroll tasks (which are both mindless and never ending)

Pet Peeves:
Offloading benefits and HR to experts, people who understand what they’re doing enough to be efficient at it

The Time Fritter Critter absorbs all of those unproductive days where your admin to-do list seems to spiral on and on before you’ve even managed to check off your first item. Every time you’re shocked by the clock after sitting down to some “quick busy work,” the Time Fritter Critter gets a little stronger.

How to spot the Time Fritter Critter’s work

Your “small tasks” seem to take much longer than you thought.

The task is so boring that it’s really tough to focus.

Right when you start to make progress, a wild distraction appears.

An afternoon goes by and nothing gets done.

Stop the Time Fritter Critter with Decent

It’s a lot of work running a business (and fending off these Small Business Monsters). It’s a lot less work with Decent. Easy peasy benefits, payroll and HR. Let us take care of the monsters.

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