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Origin: A productive manager possessed by an apathy demon

Favorite things:
Skipping paperwork, ignoring HR deadlines, inciting corporate riots when new policies are introduced

Pet Peeves:
Rules and the employees who follow them

The BOOGYMANager wasn’t always like this. They started their career bright-eyed and hopeful. But the weight of uncontextualized and poorly explained HR policies eventually turned them vindictive. Now they’ll do whatever they can to avoid ANY new policy and ignore all the existing ones.

How to spot the BOOGYMANager’s work

If you try to talk HR, the line goes dead.

Drop off some papers? Might as well light them on fire.

Bad behavior seems to spread to the whole team.

Anything you do get, comes in late.

Had enough of the BOOGYMANager?

It’s a lot of work running a business (and fending off these Small Business Monsters). It’s a lot less work with Decent.
Easy peasy benefits, payroll and HR. Let us take care of the monsters.

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