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Exclusive health plans + low-cost payroll and HR. That's Decent.

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Small business owner holding a laptop with Decent's logo
Small business owner holding a laptop with Decent's logo
Small business owner holding a laptop with Decent's logo
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The health insurance you want and the payroll you need

Why Decent Exists

Health insurance costs have risen at 4x the rate of wages over the last 20 years. Running a small business is hard, running a small business that takes care of its employees is becoming impossible.

The rise in health insurance premiums vs. the rise in worker's wages over the last 20 years

Here’s what you can expect with Decent:

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Get literally hours a week back with Decent’s HR, payroll, and benefits solutions.

You stay focused on your business while our team of everything experts takes care of those pesky back-office tasks.

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On average, companies save 35% on their benefits after switching to Decent.

Decent uses scale and an exclusive health insurance plan to ensure small businesses stay in the black.

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It's like getting an extra part-time employee who really, really loves paperwork.

We’re obsessed (in a good way) with service. You get a dedicated Account Manager and each employee gets their own Customer Service rep.

The Paperwork Pest - a tornado of paperwork came to life

Had enough of the Small
Business Monsters?

If you’ve run a small business, you know the monsters: Paperwork Pest, Nickel & Demon, the Red Tape Worm! Decent is here to stop them — saving you time, money and a lot of headaches.

The Red Tape Worm - coming to tie up your business in red tape!

It’s a lot of work to run a small business

It’s a lot less with Decent

Decent’s PEO bands together small employers through coemployment to allow them to share best in class HR tools and, more importantly, people.

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Health insurance people actually love

When’s the last time you heard someone say they love their health insurance? Unlimited free primary care, $0 medical deductibles, and a Texas-based customer support team. What’s not to love?

This is health insurance built the way it should be. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what one of our members is saying.

How it all comes together:


Tech + muscle

Our portal makes employee tasks like time tracking and PTO requests a cinch. We also back it up with a service team in your corner if hard questions pop up.


More than just health insurance

Yes, our health insurance is amazing but we can also get you set up with Vision, Dental, Life and many other lines of coverage.


Tech + muscle

Easy, breezy, beautiful. These are not words you often hear with “payroll” but our online platform makes running payroll a snap.

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Our clients save a lot. Like up to 35%

Dr. Hamilton - Direct Primary Care doctor video thumbnail

Even our doctors are joining Decent

Dr. Toby Hamilton of Hamilton Health Box shares his thoughts on being a Decent direct primary care provider and a member.

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