Meet The Bigfoot*Note, the Small Business Monster that Loves to Confuse

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There are a good deal of legal needs when owning and running a business. Contracts, paperwork, forms, filings — it's a lot. Scrutinizing the tiny details often isn’t the focus for small business owners who wear many hats. And that’s how Bigfoot*Note thrives. 

This Small Business Monster loves a good bait and switch hidden in the fine print of a contract. If you’ve ever expected one thing only to find out that the contract's tiny print means you get another, you’ve been a victim of the Bigfoot*Note.

When Bigfoot*Note pairs up with Paperwork Pest, watch out. These two ghouls aim to lull business owners to sleep with extra-long agreements, slipping in fine print just as the reader’s eyes begin to droop. 

Bigfoot*Note is well known for its patience, waiting months or even years when contracts are questioned. Its terrorizing work often leads to uncomfortable and time-consuming disagreements or, at its worst, potential legal situations. 

Three Ways to Fend Off Bigfoot*Note

Ignoring this Small Business Monster can lead to big deal issues down the road. (Once you’ve signed off on an agreement or contract, the terms are generally considered to be binding.) Here are four ways to fend off this devious ghoul.

  1. Take your time before signing the dotted line. Read each page thoroughly. For some, printing the contract is easier for doing this painstaking work than reviewing it on a computer screen. Whatever your method, don’t skip over the boilerplate. (Bigfoot*Note loves boring legalese.)

  2. Don’t assume. Hiding behind language that seems to contradict itself is one of Bigfoot*Note’s favorite games. If you don’t know what it means, ask for clarification. Mark up the document along the way and take the time to get a response to your questions.

  3. Get a second opinion. Bigfoot*Note is hoping that small business owners are too busy to get more help. If you’re not sure about the contract or agreement, ask a legal expert.

  4. Outsource what you can. Or even better, offload the risk. Partnering with a Professional Employer Organization means having someone else take on risk (and paperwork) for managing employees, giving you more time to spend on growing your business.

Fending off Bigfoot*Note and other Small Business Monsters is Decent’s specialty. We see through the monster’s conniving ways: illegible print, contradictory terms, vague language. As a PEO, we help small business owners take care of their people offering affordable health insurance, payroll, HR and more. It means we're paperwork experts, and know when Bigfoot*Note is lurking in contracts and agreements.

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