Why we stand out

If you’re self-employed, finding health insurance shouldn’t be as complicated as brain surgery (leave that to our doctors).

Here’s why our Trailblazer or Pathfinder plan might be right for you:

Unlimited, free in-person primary care with your doctor

Unlimited, free 24/7 telemedicine with your doctor

Uncapped benefits after hitting out of pocket max

 Is “real” insurance

Lower deductible

More copays before deductible

Copays on pharmaceuticals before deductible

*of any ACA compliant medal level plan - for nonsmokers under 40

What’s going to be my favorite part?

Lowest premiums in Austin*

$0 medical deductible

Manageable copays for most everything


Bronze Plan

Lonestar Bronze Plan

Trailblazer Silver Plan

Who is this plan best for?

Want to be covered in case something bad happens? 

People who expect to use their insurance from time to time

People with families, medical conditions, or prescriptions

Free primary care — upholding the doctor-patient relationship

Decent believes that the doctor-patient relationship should sit at the center of healthcare. We make that easy by offering free primary care as part of all our health plans. You enjoy same-day, half-hour long appointments and 24/7 direct telephone access to your doctor...and it’s all 100% included in your monthly premium.

Want even lower premiums and more convenience?

Our VDPC options got your back

Virtual Direct Primary Care (VDPC) is the next step in telemedicine. Imagine if every time you had a medical issue, you could facetime your doctor and get everything from a referral to a prescription right there. If this, and saving $50 a month on your premiums, is something you’d be interested in - all of our plans now have a VDPC option you can select while signing up.

$0 medical deductible bronze plan

Most bronze plans require you to hit a sizeable deductible before you gain access to copays on medical services. What if we changed that? Our Lonestar bronze plan is one of the first of its kind, a bronze plan without a medical deductible that gives out access to copays on day one. Know what you’re going to pay before getting the bill.

The silver lining in health insurance

Self-employed individuals looking for a Texas silver plan may want to consider Decent’s Trailblazer silver plan. This plan is designed specifically for freelancers to be affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand. In addition to free primary care, you enjoy low or no copays for care before you’ve hit your deductible.

Our bronze plan takes first place

For those looking for a higher-deductible, higher out-of-pocket plan that has lower premiums, our Pathfinder bronze plan is the most affordable option. This simple and straightforward plan is a great fit for young and healthy freelancers and other self-employed individuals shopping at the bronze plan level. We want to keep you healthy so you can focus your energy on things that matter.

Save in seconds

Our year-round open enrollment means that if you see a quote you like, you can start signing up for superior insurance right now.

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