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The Nickel & Demon

Origin: The first shopkeeper to add an extra charge after negotiating a price gave birth to the Nickel & Demon

Favorite things:
Ambiguous fees, hiding charges in contracts, most things health insurance-related, playing “how many fees can we add on a monthly bill” game, nickels, dimes

Pet Peeves:
Transparent pricing, people who pay attention to what they’re being invoiced, employee benefits actually worth the money

The Nickel & Demon thrives in the hazy area between when a price has been shared and what winds up actually being charged to small business owners. (Traditional HR and benefit companies have this monster on speed dial.) With each additional fee tacked on, the Nickel & Demon grows a little bit stronger.

How to spot the Nickel & Demon’s work

The rate you negotiate is different (and smaller) than what you’re charged.

Somehow not noticing these hidden fees feels like your fault.

Suddenly, people you’ve never heard of are entitled to some of your money.

They charge inconvenience and convenience fees!

Had enough of the Nickel & Demon?

It’s a lot of work running a business (and fending off these Small Business Monsters). It’s a lot less work with Decent.
Easy peasy benefits, payroll and HR. Let us take care of the monsters.

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