Meet the Small Business Monsters

If you’ve run a small business, you know the monsters. (Paperwork, fees, benefits, oh my!)
Decent is here to stop them.

Fend off the monsters
with Decent

These small business monsters make paperwork propagate, tie your business up in red tape, and nickel and dime with fees and more fees. It’s a wonder you find time to do it all. Pass off your payroll, HR and benefits tasks and let us keep those monsters at bay while saving you time and money.

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Secret to Monster Protection

What’s it like partnering with Decent for your back-office needs.

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Get literally hours a week back with Decent’s HR, payroll, and benefits solutions

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On average, companies save 35% on their benefits after switching to Decent.

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It's like getting an extra part-time employee who really, really loves paperwork.

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