Decent Takes on the Small Business Monsters

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New Texas Ad Campaign Showcases Advantages of Offloading Payroll, HR, and Benefits

It’s a lot of work to run a small business, from red tape hold-ups to mounting fees and compliance issues. These nuisances are like little monsters popping up everywhere, eating away your time and money and distracting you from, well, doing business.  

Fending off these small business monsters is Decent’s specialty. We help companies offload their payroll, HR, and benefits frustrations. No more Paperwork Pest, Red Tape Worm, Nickel & Demon or other costly ghastly irritations. And, our clients get access to Decent’s exclusive health plans (designed and run by Decent) that include $0 medical deductibles, free primary care, and monthly premiums 40% lower than comparable small group plans.

Texas Small Business Monsters Ad Campaign

These monsters are personified in our new ad campaign called No More Small Business Monsters. It’s the first large-scale campaign Decent has launched since transitioning into a professional employer organization (PEO) at the end of 2021.

Meet the Monsters

  • Red Tape Worm: This Small Business Monster uses its long and winding body to confuse small business owners, forcing them to jump through hoops until they’ve exhausted themselves.
  • Paperwork Pest: This snowballing whirlwind of paperwork will do whatever it can to get between small business owners and anything productive.
  • Nickel & Demon: Did you ever notice how EVERYTHING comes back costing you more out of pocket than was quoted? This little demon is behind all the nickel and diming that adds up to some very big bills.
  • Time Fritter Critter: Every small business owner knows how seemingly small payroll or HR tasks can spiral to take out a whole afternoon. That’s the work of the Time Fritter Critter.
  • Bigfoot*Note: Think you know what you bought? Guess again, because the Bigfoot*Note has some fine print they’re hiding that’s going to change that entirely (and not in a good way).
  • BOOGYMANager: This middle manager might be great at their specific job, but, yikes, do they have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to HR (and you’re the one liable).

The Decent Difference

Offering affordable, quality health insurance for small businesses and startups is our goal, and it’s what makes Decent unlike any of the other 300+ PEOs in the U.S. It’s also why our payroll and HR admin fees are the lowest around because our focus is on making good health insurance accessible to small businesses and the PEO makes that possible.

One of the most common questions we get after prospective small business clients review our proposal is “what’s the catch?” (Yup, we always wow them.) There is no catch. As a PEO, we take care of your payroll, HR, and benefits “monsters” and you get really affordable health insurance that your employees like and can afford.

To accomplish affordability, we did two things. First, we designed our own health plans centered around affordability like offering free primary care that’s super duper convenient along with zero-dollar medical deductibles. The second code we had to crack was around size and scale. Large businesses leverage their size for better pricing. That’s not an option when you have less than fifty employees. As a PEO, we can help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve that size advantage to tap into the same type of pricing available to large companies not to mention they get a robust HR team, that they didn’t even have to hire. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We delve more into the details here: Why Decent’s Health Plans Cost Less Than Traditional Health Plans.

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