HMO vs. PPO: What's the Difference

Health care jargon explained

When choosing a health plan, many people wonder what the difference is between an HMO vs. PPO. Each is a different type of plan that provides different types of coverage. To start, let’s look at what those letters stand for: an HMO is a health maintenance organization and a PPO is a preferred provider organization.

Understanding how each type of plan works can ensure you make an informed decision in finding health insurance that’s right for you.

HMO Health Insurance Plans

HMOs have a network of specific doctors, hospitals, and other providers that have agreed to offer lower rates to members of the HMO. The network also agrees to meet quality standards. One big area where things are different with an HMO vs. PPO is how members can see providers. With an HMO, members must see a provider within the network in order for care to be covered. These plans also have greater restrictions for coverage, including limits on treatments, tests, or visits.

Another difference is that many HMOs require members to choose a primary care physician (PCP), who acts as the coordinator for all your care and treatment. The member must obtain referrals from their PCP rather than going directly to a specialist, otherwise the care, treatment or tests administered may not be covered under the HMO plan. Similarly, choosing to see a provider outside of the HMO network is typically not covered and requires the person to pay entirely out of pocket for care. HMO plans tend to have lower monthly premiums, low or no deductibles, and less out of pocket costs than PPOs.

PPO Health Insurance Plans

With PPO plans, members have more flexibility and less limits when it comes to choosing a doctor or hospital. While there is a network of providers, there are fewer restrictions if a person wants or needs to see an out-of-network provider. If you do use a non-network provider, the PPO will pay for care in many circumstances, though sometimes it is at a lower rate.

Unlike an HMO, members can see a doctor, specialist, or other provider without needing to see a PCP or obtain a referral first. While the best benefits for coverage come from visiting a doctor or hospital within the PPO’s network, members are free to obtain care from a non-network doctor or hospital and may still receive some benefits. PPOs often have higher premiums and deductibles than HMO plans.

Decent meets you in the middle

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