Secret sauce part III: Comprehensive health insurance via a curated network of providers

Health insurance 101

You might be wondering why we are spilling the recipe behind our secret sauce, and the truth is, some people think Decent is too good to be true! Honestly, we’ve had some people reach out with doubts after reading about our mission and our plans and we want to set the record straight: this isn’t a scam, there’s no fine print, and we’re really here to help!

The third ingredient to our secret sauce is our curated network of providers. How do we do it? We teamed up with the best healthcare brands in Central Texas to deliver the top doctors, specialists, and facilities to our members.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the heart of what we do

Decent plans are designed around DPC, which means no matter which plan you choose, you’ll always have quick and easy access to your primary care physician. Got a headache you just can’t kick? You’re covered. Feeling icky about your diet? Make an appointment. Think you sprained your ankle? Get a same-day appointment.

All Decent plans are centered around your relationship with your doctor. In fact, our plans were designed hand-in-hand with your doctors with the intention of keeping you healthy so you’ll never pay anything out of pocket for your primary care. We put our money where our mouth is by facilitating:

  • Unlimited free, same-day appointments with your doctor
  • Free 24/7 telemedicine with your doctor
  • Access to a doctor that can help create a long term plan to keep you and your family healthy

It should be easy to see your doctor, which is why our physicians are conveniently located throughout Austin. Our goal is that our members never have to drive more than 20 minutes to get to their primary care physician.

Wherever you call home in Austin — or the greater state of Texas, we hope that's the case for you (although there's not much we can do if you get stuck at Fifth and Guadalupe at rush hour).

Need a specialist? That’s easy peasy

In addition to offering Direct Primary Care, our amazing Primary Care Providers are the first step to getting you connected to great specialty care. They'll help connect you with the right specialist for your specific needs, get you a referral, and follow up afterward to coordinate your care.

Also, you'll never need a referral for emergency care, or if you want to visit an in-network OB GYN in addition to your Primary Care Provider. Finding specialty care providers is super simple. You can add your address in the map's location in the field on this page and then select a category (like Urgent Care or Pediatrics). Or, browse this handy PDF listing of our specialty providers.

We’ve constructed our network very intentionally meaning that you’re guaranteed to be referred to what we refer to as a “high value provider.” With the emergence of modern PPO policies, health insurance companies have let all providers into their network, regardless of their price structure. That’s led to huge incentives for their providers to escalate their costs as they know at the end of the day, the insurance company is going to pay it. Hence why MRIs can cost $25,000.

We’re working to change that - by more thoughtfully constructing our network based off of the rate structure that providers offer, we ensure that we only refer you to rationally priced care (and we wind up saving too on the back end).

Don’t see your preferred doctor or specialist on our list? We're always adding to our network, so drop us a line at to tell us about anyone you'd like to see added!

A network built to help small businesses succeed

Decent has begun rolling out small business health plans to those in the technology space. Both technology companies and companies that service technology companies now have the opportunity to purchase health plans up to 40% lower than currently available options. If you fall into one of the technology categories we are serving, you can choose between:

  • Zero Plans: Our Zero plans all come with a $0 medical deductible. Anyone who loves copays will be a fan of this plan!
  • Saver Plans: Our Saver plans are all HSA compatible. Anyone with complex health or financial needs will dig the savings.

Over time, we will offer more categories of small businesses to benefit from these unique cost savings. Ready to get started? Get your free quote today.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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