Pathfinder plan

Low monthly premiums for the self-employed in Austin.

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Free access to a members-only primary care clinic

You'll always see the same doctor. You'll have a relationship, not a transaction.

Take as much time as you need with your doctor. Instead of the standard 8-minute visit, you'll have up to an hour.

Unlimited free visits with your doctor whenever you need to help you stay healthy.

Copays for only for the services you’ll actually use

  • $0 for any preventative care screenings and procedures to make sure that you stay healthy.
  • $15 copay or less for preventative medications to help keep you well and maintain your health.
  • $100 copay for x-rays in case an accident happens.
  • $100 copay for labs to help diagnose what’s wrong if you do get sick.

Decent plans do not charge more for pre-existing conditions

Here’s a full comparison between the Pathfinder plan and the next best priced bronze plan in Austin Texas.

The Pathfinder Plan Next cheapest competition plan
Monthly premium for nonsmokers (age 18-30) $219.42 - $268.82 $224.00 - $274.54
Monthly premium for nonsmokers (age 30-40) $275.00 - $308.90 $278.47 - $309.63
Monthly premium for nonsmokers (age 40 - 64) $312.92 - $753.32 $313.55 - $736.04
Unlimited primary care visits Free $0 after deductible
24/7 telemedicine access with your primary care provider Free $0 after deductible
Preventative care screenings and procedures Free Free
Most anything at all handled by your primary care physician Free $0 after deductible
Individual deductible $7,900 $7,900
Individual out of pocket max $7,900 $7,900
Emergency room visits $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
Urgent care $0 after deductible $75 copay
Specialist visits $0 after deductible $75 copay
Preventative drugs $15 copay $0 after deductible
Generic drugs $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
Preferred brand drugs $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
Specialty Drugs $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
Labs $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
Mental health office visits $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
MRIs & Advanced Imaging $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
Outpatient Professional $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
X rays & Diagnostic Imaging $100 copay $0 after deductible

Have your doctor in your corner

At Decent, we think your health should be managed by you and your doctor, which is why every single interaction you have with your primary care provider is free. Also, they’ll be on call for you 24/7, acting as your coach and first round of defense should anything happen.

The Pathfinder plan is insurance that’s built to be used, so we decided to make the core part of it free.

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