Why we stand out

If you’re self-employed, finding health insurance shouldn’t be as complicated as brain surgery (leave that to our doctors).

Here’s why our health insurance plans might be right for you:

Zero PlansSaver Plans
Why’d you name them like that?Our Zero plans all come with a $0 medical deductible.Our Saver plans are all HSA compatible.
Who is this plan best for?Anyone who loves copays!Anyone with complex health or financial needs.
Unlimited free primary care appointments with your doctorCheckedChecked
NO coverage limits on payments for sick plan membersCheckedChecked
NO medical underwriting or denial based on preexisting conditionsCheckedChecked
Coverage for dependents up to age 26CheckedChecked
Out of network emergency coverage for when you’re traveling domesticallyCheckedChecked
Coverage for 10 essential health benefitsCheckedChecked
$0 medical deductible (meaning copays available day one)Checked
HSA (Health Savings Account) compatibleChecked

In person plans

  • FREE: Unlimited in-office visits with your primary care physician
  • FREE: 24/7 phone access with your primary care doctor
  • FREE: Most all additional procedures that happen in your Direct Primary Care Physician’s office

Remote plans

  • FREE: Unlimited remote visits with your primary care doctor
  • FREE: Maintaining the same, US based doctor
  • FREE: Getting the referrals and / or prescriptions you need from your own home

Save about $50 per month on your monthly premiums per person.

Need to know a little more about Direct Primary Care before deciding?

Here’s why it’s so special

And a network to match:

The best brands in health care in Central Texas teamed up with Decent to give you the top doctors, specialists, and facilities.

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Don’t see a name you’d like to? Email your thoughts to support@decent.com and we’ll work to bring them in-network

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