On KVUE: Austin welcomes new health insurance option for entrepreneurs, freelancers

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https://www.kvue.com/article/news/decent-healthcare-launches-in-austin-to-help-freelancers-find-affordable-healthcare/269-3ec1fac4-8585-4205-95fc-95c82fb06f20We made the news! We recently graced the airwaves with news of our Austin launch. Freelancers in the Austin area can now access one of our comprehensive, affordable health insurance plans.

KVUE-TV (ABC) reported on the growing need for better health coverage for self-employed individuals. Decent a better way for independent professionals to get access to good health insurance. Decent is charting a new path in the health care industry, offering plans for individuals who are often left out of the current marketplace — contractors, consultants, entrepreneurs, freelancers, sole proprietors and self-employed professionals who make too much to receive a subsidy on the health insurance marketplace and do not receive health coverage through an employer.

And because Austin is one of the entrepreneurial hubs of the nation, it only made sense to launch our health plans in Central Texas.

“Our job is to provide something that is both affordable and high value,” Nick Soman, Decent’s Founder, told KVUE.

Our Pathfinder (bronze) and Trailblazer (silver) plans offer unlimited access to:

  • Same day, half-hour appointments with a primary care physician (when’s the last time that’s happened?!)
  • 24/7 telemedicine with your doctor (your doctor, and not some random provider in another country)
  • $0 out of pocket payment (did we say affordable?)And there’s no need to wait for Open Enrollment in November because we offer year-round open enrollment so you can switch at any time.

Want to check out our news spot? Click here to watch the entire KVUE interview.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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