Decent invited to HealthTech Austin event

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What does blockchain have to do with healthcare? Decent Health was invited to answer that question at a summit for HealthTech Austin, the leading organization for healthcare leaders in Central Texas.

The long and short of it is that we plan to use blockchain to reward cost-effective health decisions and pass those savings back to the members of our health plans. Rad, right?We believe this is the most effective way to reduce overall health insurance costs — which is the single biggest issue today for freelancers and other self-employed individuals. As health care costs get steeper, more self-employed individuals opt to go without to avoid breaking the bank. It’s a big — and unnecessary — risk we want to help people avoid.

In launching our Decent health plans in Austin, we wanted to create health insurance that catered to the groups that often get left behind. We wanted to create health plans with comprehensive and affordable coverage built just for freelancers. We also wanted to cover the basics, including direct, unlimited, and free access to your primary care doctor. Since our plans are built with Direct Primary Care (DPC) at the center, members can be sure that visits to the doctor will last more than 15 minutes and that they’ll have the full attention of their doctor (no more typing and fake listening). They will even be able to get a hold of their primary doctor in a pinch via 24/7 direct telephone access. The best part? It’s all included in your premium.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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