Decent teams up with Gridwise to give rideshare drivers access to affordable health insurance

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Exciting news! We are growing and expanding our reach through super valuable partnerships with great organizations in the Austin, Texas region. Gridwise—one of these amazing organizations—is a technology company that helps rideshare drivers boost their earnings by offering real-time information for airport activity, local events, weather, local news and other resources all through their mobile phone application.

We’re so pumped to partner with Gridwise to help its drivers get better access to more affordable healthcare. It’s what we’re all about! The rideshare labor force—like many other self-employed, contractor-based work segments—often finds reasonable health insurance options out of reach. Our partnership is looking to upend that reality.

As Decent grows, we want to continue to keep a finger on the pulse of industries and segments within the workforce that may find themselves isolated when it comes to health care options. This is especially difficult for those who do not qualify for subsidies and find existing options too expensive. Our mission is always to create a bridge for these segments to make comprehensive, affordable health insurance options more accessible.

With this new partnership, both our lowest-premium Bronze and Silver plans will be available to Gridwise members in Austin, Texas at a special discounted rate. These rideshare drivers will also enjoy our awesome benefits, including year-round enrollment, unlimited free primary care with a family doctor, and premiums up to 50-percent below market rate for comparable plans.

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