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Austin Chamber recognizes Decent in our mission to improve healthcare for the self-employed

The Austin Chamber recently recognized Decent for its work in improving healthcare for the self-employed. The Chamber is a nonprofit membership organization that helps create jobs so people can find work, provide for their families and achieve prosperity. The Austin Chamber’s mission is to provide leadership that facilitates the creation of a prosperous regional economy and results in effective advocacy for our members.

Decent is proud to be a Chamber member and supporter of the Austin self-employed population. In fact, this 2019 report highlights that Austin has the fastest-growing population of skilled independent workers in the country, including gig economy workers, business owners, musicians, lawyers, and other self-employed professionals. Decent and Austin are a match made in heaven!

Here’s the thing—we know that being self-employed can be tough. Many people choose this way of life for the freedom and flexibility it brings; but we also know that there are some challenges that come alongside the perks.

Health insurance can be one of those challenges. For self-employed individuals, finding affordable, comprehensive health insurance is a tall order. That’s where we come in.

Decent offers affordable, comprehensive health plans for self-employed professionals (solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and 1099 contractors) and their families. People love us because our plans have premiums up to 40 percent lower than market rates and we offer free unlimited primary care visits. Another bonus: Decent offers year-round open enrollment to our ACA-compliant bronze and silver plans. Our network in Austin continues to grow, encompassing some of the best providers around, including HCA/St. David's and Austin Diagnostic Clinic.

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