Decent and Rise partner to kick health care into high gear

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Decent is working hard to bring affordable, comprehensive health care to the self-employed masses. As part of this effort, we are looking for incredible companies to partner with to provide better access to broader health coverage.

Our newest partner, Rise, connects top-performing women with innovative companies to work on projects that lead to success. The organization is geared towards helping professional women balance career and personal life by maximizing skills while matching women with work that fits their lifestyle.

We’re thrilled to partner with Rise to professional women who are building their own professional careers get better access to more affordable healthcare. It’s sort of our jam! The consulting labor force—like many other self-employed, contractor-based work segments—often finds reasonable health insurance options out of reach. This partnership is a step toward unraveling that reality.

As Decent expands, we want to be sure we help serve all segments of the self-employed, including professional women who find fulfillment in consulting roles or as freelancers. We support work-life balance — and work-health balance. Consultants and freelancers do not always qualify for subsidies or have access to affordable health care options. It’s our mission to better serve consultants and freelancers and provide access to comprehensive, affordable health insurance options year-round.

With this new partnership, both our lowest-premium Bronze and Silver plans will be available to Rise members in Austin, Texas at a special discounted rate. These “Rise-ers” will also enjoy our awesome benefits, including year-round enrollment, unlimited free primary care with a family doctor, and premiums up to 50-percent below market rate for comparable plans.

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