Introducing our Zero plans

Zero as in $0 medical deductible. Low premiums meet copays on day one. Here’s why you’ll love our most popular plans.

The problem

Plans with affordable premiums have seen their deductibles creep up every year. Every year more and more people are buying policies, only to find out they can’t afford the care they need while on them.

The solution

We’re working to break this cycle. Decent has launched the most affordable plans in Texas that don’t have a medical deductible.

This means that instead of being on the hook for 50% of a procedure that might cost tens of thousands of dollars, you’ll have a nice, manageable copay.

The Anti-Medical Deductible plan

*Details contingent on which Zero plan is selected. To see the full suite available to you, get a quote.

The Zero plans
Monthly premium for a 30 year old nonsmoker$263.31 - $390.00 per month total premium
Unlimited primary care visitsFree
Preventative care screenings and proceduresFree
Individual medical deductible$0
Individual out of pocket max$7,000 - $8,150*
Emergency room visits$250 - $1,000 copay*
Urgent care$100 copay
Emergency medical transportation$250 - $1,000 copay*
Specialist visits$50 - $85 copay*
Mental health office visit$50 - $85 copay*
X-rays & diagnostic imaging$50 copay
MRIs & Advanced Imaging$50 - $200 copay*
Outpatient Facility$250 - $1000 copay*
Outpatient Professional$250 - $300 copay*
Inpatient Hospital & Skilled Nursing Facility$250 - $3,000 copay per day for max of 2 days*
Generic drugs$5 copay
Preferred drugs$25 - $35 copay*t
Non-preferred brand drugs$200 copay
Specialty drugs50% coinsurance after $5,500 Specialty pharmaceutical deductible

In-Person Plans:

  • FREE: Unlimited in-office visits with your primary care physician
  • FREE: 24/7 phone access with your primary care doctor
  • FREE: Most all additional procedures that happen in your Direct Primary Care Physician’s office

Remote plans:

  • FREE: Unlimited remote visits with your primary care doctor
  • FREE: Maintaining the same, US based doctor
  • FREE: Getting the referrals and / or prescriptions you need from your own home

Save about $50 per month, per person on your premiums

Save in seconds