Molly Be Molly: Dealing with Health Insurers? Think Like a Prosecutor

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The No Patient Left Behind website recently posted a story recounting how a patient can fight colossal medical bills – and win. This story starts by outlining how one patient “has a superpower: she can make $147,000 in medical bills disappear.”

It also references Molly Moore, Decent’s Co-Founder and Chief Health Plan Officer, who “says you may need to call a half-dozen times to get the answer you need – and want.”

Molly’s approach is persistence akin to adversarial: Her quote in the story: “Think of dealing with a health insurance company like building a case for the prosecution”.

Overall, No Patient Left Behind provides a laundry list of suggestions for when medical emergencies lead to mammoth medical bills that need not necessarily require full payment. It reflects Decent’s belief that your healthcare provider should be working with you to retain or recover your good health.

Unlike other health insurers, Decent knows how frustrating health insurance can be. For example: Not many other health insurance executives such as Molly are willing to talk about how to get insurance companies to pay or lower your bill.

A self-described “Formidable Healthcare Nerd,” Molly helped design “blockchain” technology protocols to drive down Decent’s administrative costs with the goal of achieving “affordable care for all.”

“I get to build a health plan from the ground up that is agile and consumer-centered and easy to understand for our members – which is tragically novel in health insurance,” Molly said, describing her job in another interview.

“Decent is going to change how the healthcare system works,” Molly adds. “This is no small feat. We are going to leverage existing innovations and create new strategies of our own. We are tackling misaligned incentives (fees for service), reducing massive complexities and inefficiencies … and making the experience work for people – not companies.”

“It’s time to change the game, and I am up to that challenge,” she asserts.

As Molly’s Story elsewhere on this website notes, “It’s easy to adopt a clinical perspective (and) strip away the humanity and compassion necessary to build something grounded. We believe that misses the point.”

“Humans are the center of health care, and it’s part of our mission to uncover and preserve the humanity in our work in order to better serve the people we meet on this journey,” Molly asserts.

Molly Moore is the reason that humanity is built into our plans. Her unique past, unstoppable drive, and boundless compassion has led us to where we are today — offering small business customers great, affordable health insurance, payroll and other benefits.

That’s how important you are to us. Check out our blog for more information.


Decent knows health insurance is often small business’ largest expense. Unlike other PEOs that simply resell health insurance from a major carrier, Decent designs its own plans customizing them to what our customers need. It  means no middlemen, smoother administration, and lower prices.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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