3 Reasons Why Texas Small Businesses are Turning to Decent’s PEO

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Decent’s PEO is new to the market, but we’ve been growing very quickly in Texas. If you’re familiar with PEOs, you know that they’re not just fancy payroll services or a place to get your workers’ compensation insurance. PEOs are something every small business owner should consider because they can help address complicated business needs.

Here are some key reasons why Decent is one of the best Texas PEOs around (and why it might be the right PEO for you):

1. Savings... like a lot of them

It’s no secret that the cost of employee benefits has been climbing. Since 2009, average family premiums have risen 54%, and deductibles have climbed even faster (162%). Small business owners are feeling stuck. Either they offer competitive benefits and cut costs elsewhere, or they struggle to attract and retain talent. Enter PEOs.

PEOs or Professional Employer Organizations use co-employment to band together small businesses to give them access to large company benefits, hr services, risk management, and benefits administration. PEO services often include things like payroll processing, employee onboarding, workers’ compensation guidance, and more. Think of PEOs as a way to punt on a lot of the most annoying parts of running a business through outsourcing it to a bunch of nerds who LOVE paperwork.

Decent’s a new PEO - the big twist with us is that we’re the only PEO in the market to build and administer the health plans we offer. That allows us to offer our human resources services well below other PEO companies while also offering substantial savings on our health insurance plans. (We’re one of the best PEOs around because our pricing is one of the best around.) With Decent, it’s pretty typical for our new clients to save 35%+ by outsourcing their HR support and benefits.

2. Our custom health plans

We built our health insurance plans from scratch - similar to how a large company might - and are able to give access to smaller companies through our PEO. (Decent’s exclusive health plans are just one the many ways we're different from other PEOs like Trinet, Justworks, and Insperity which simply sell health plans from legacy carriers.) Here’s why that’s worth paying attention to.

  • Unlimited free primary care. It’s no secret that your primary care drives your entire healthcare experience. With Decent, it’s free. Get same-day appointments, unlimited virtual care, and spend over half an hour with your actual doctor. Keeping you healthy is our business.
  • $0 deductible plan options. No one likes deductibles, so we got rid of ours. With Decent’s Zero plans, Texas business owners, their employees, and attached dependents will gain access to copays on all standard services the minute your coverage goes live (instead of after you’ve already paid $8,000+ for your medical expenses).
  • No referral requirement. Our primary care is free but if you have an in-network specialist you want to see, you can do that.

3. Service that makes running your business simple

If you’ve spent much time running a small business, you know that human resources takes resources to do right. We also know that people are more important than  tools when it comes to HR solutions. With Decent you get:

  • A dedicated Account Manager. Our team takes ownership of your account and works to preemptively solve problems you don’t even have to know about. Working with Decent is like having an extra part-time employee who just LOVES getting your paperwork right. HR outsourcing should be this easy.
  • A dedicated Customer Service Rep for your employees and dependents. We know health insurance is complicated. At Decent, your Customer Service gets to know you and your health needs. You have a friendly face here helping you navigate a healthcare system that has historically been anything but.

Why you should give Decent a longer look

PEOs offer a lot of services for small business owners who simply don’t have the resources — time, staffing, or money — to take on the HR and benefits needed to run a business. And that’s okay, because you didn’t get into the business of payroll management, HR tasks, and benefits administration — we did.

If you’ve ever researched PEOs you know there are a lot out there. Decent is different in that we focused our PEO around one of the most important aspects of running a business — taking care of your people. As the only PEO around that built and services our own health plans, well, we know a lot about people.

Curious about how much you’ll save? Check out our rapid quote here or contact our sales team at Support@Decent.com.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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