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Marshall Darr
Marshall Darr

How to set up your payroll deductions on Justworks

December 1, 2020

Good news! You’ve gotten your quote, gotten your team excited about and enrolled in Decent, and now all you have left is to onboard your new and improved health insurance plan onto your payroll platform. Odds are this article is exactly what you’re looking for.

One thing to note before we get going - odds are, we’re not much more familiar with your payroll provider than you are, if you’re working through this process and you hit a snag, please contact your payroll company’s support team for help.

Here’s a step by step guide for if you use Justworks for payroll:

Scheduling Manual Deductions in Justworks
  1. Find the employee you’re trying to set benefits up for from your dashboard.
  2. Once in their profile, scroll down to the “Settings” tab and find “Manual Deductions
Justworks dashboard
  1. Select “Deduction type” and enter the amount you would want to deduct.
  2. Select the frequency - these are the frequencies available:
Frequency options