Decent's bronze plan is helping millennials find their path in life


So you’re young and healthy and sick of terrible health insurance options? Join the club. We know you have better things to spend your money on, whether it’s avocado toast or those looming student loans. We created our Pathfinder bronze plan so you don’t have to risk getting hit with huge medical bills if health issues arise. We don’t want you to make the difficult trade-offs that most health care plans require, so we built one just for you.

Our Pathfinder Bronze plan is designed for people who:

  • Work for themselves (whether as freelancers, artists, etc.)
  • Are young and healthy
  • Want catastrophic coverage in case something happens
  • Don’t have dependents
  • Like free doctor’s visits all year long
  • Hate the health insurance runaround
  • Love low premiums

We think access to great health care shouldn’t be reserved for people who work for big companies. We want to support freelancers and other self-employed people who are building their own projects and crafts and businesses. Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or any other person forging their own way in the work world, we want you to have great health insurance options that cater to your needs.

An apple a day and free doctor visits (if you need them)

Okay, we don’t offer free apples but we do offer free primary care. You’re young and healthy and rarely see the doctor, so why should you have to pay outrageous premiums for things you don’t need? On the other hand, stuff happens. You don’t want to be left in a lurch if you break your ankle snowboarding or otherwise get sick. Our Pathfinder bronze plan is the perfect comp to other bronze plans available on the exchange. The difference is that we offer free (yep, you read that correctly) primary care for the entire year. See your doctor as often as you want for $0.

We realize that most people hate going to the doctor—and that some people even go out of their way to avoid it. We get it. Why pay a $20, $30, or $50 co-pay to sit in a waiting room for 20-40 minutes? Here’s the thing: we believe that the doctor-patient relationship should sit at the center of healthcare, so we’ve built our health care plans around this concept. And we’ve made it easy (and free) for you to get the care you need from a doctor you trust. If your doctor isn’t already a part of our network, just give us their contact information and we’ll do our best to get them on board. We want you to be in the care of someone who knows you as a patient and understands your medical history. Eat all the apples you want (you’ll have to pay for those) and enjoy free primary care visits year-round (on us).

You’re busy, so we widened the enrollment window

Speaking of year-round, that’s our timeframe for enrollment. No more freaking out in mid-December because the open enrollment period is about to end. You can switch to one of our plans 365 days a year. Need more time to do research? We got you. Want to run through some more coverage options? No problem. Have a wicked European trip planned and don’t feel like worrying about health insurance? Adventure away. Take your time and do your homework. We’ll be here waiting to serve you, in your time and on your schedule.You don’t have to wait until you’re too old for your parent’s health insurance plan or to fall into one of the other “qualifying life event” buckets. If our Pathfinder bronze plan can save you money, you can switch today. Just visit to see exactly what our plan entails.

A bronze plan built for you

Our Pathfinder bronze plan is simple and straightforward. It’s our most affordable option and a perfect fit for freelancers and other self-employed individuals shopping at the bronze plan level. Our mission is to keep people healthy and help them build relationships with their primary care doctors.

This is a higher-deductible, higher out-of-pocket plan that is less expensive overall. If you’re healthy and looking for a plan that can support you in case of emergencies, this bronze plan is for you. Get the full scoop on our Pathfinder plan page or get a quote today.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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