How Do I Get Self-Employed Health Insurance in Texas?

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How Do I Get Self-Employed Health Insurance in Texas-Social

If you are looking for self-employed health insurance in Texas, we have good news and we have bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: many of your options may only be available through the health exchange, which only offers enrollment opportunities during the open enrollment period (November 1 through December 15) each year. If you have recently experienced a qualifying life experience, you may be eligible for a special enrollment period; however, most people will need to wait until the annual open enrollment period.

Ok, now the good news: there are other options available for those looking for self-employed health insurance in Texas. Let’s take a look at a few of those options now.

Private insurance

If both you (and your family) are looking for a new health insurance plan, private insurance might be one option you consider. Private health insurance offers several benefits for those who need self-employed health insurance in Texas. For starters, many types of coverage may be available year-round, rather than only during the open enrollment period. Short-term private insurance plans can be used to bridge the gap if you are switching away from a health insurance plan before the open enrollment period. You may also work with a broker to find a private health insurance plan, which may help you identify plans that cost less than options available through the marketplace.

Private insurance plans are available on the marketplace if you happen to be looking for a plan during the open enrollment period. The alternative ways to enroll in one of these plans are directly through the carrier (via their website) or through a broker or agent.

Public Insurance

Another option for self-employed health insurance in Texas is public insurance. There are a few options for public health insurance, including:

Medicaid: Medicaid is a federal and state program for people with limited income and resources that aids people with medical costs. Open enrollment for Medicare begins on October 15 and ends December 7. Medicaid is different from Medicare in that it offers some benefits not normally covered by Medicare, like personal care services and nursing home care.

Medicare: Medicare is a federal program for those 65 and older or those under 65 who have a disability. It provides health coverage regardless of one’s income.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP): CHIP is technically a part of Medicaid that offers subsidized low- or no-cost health insurance for children.

As you can see, these programs have eligibility requirements based on income and other criteria. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you will likely need to find self-employed health insurance in Texas through a private insurance provider.

Decent Insurance

Wait, there’s one more option! Decent has three different health insurance plans and we cater especially to the self-employed population of Texas! That’s right — if you’re looking for killer self-employed health insurance in Texas, we got your back. Just choose the right plan for your needs:

Pathfinder Bronze Plan — Want coverage just in case something bad happens? This plan is perfect for you. Members of this plan enjoy the lowest premiums in Austin.*

Lonestar Bronze Plan — Expect to use your insurance from time to time? You’ll dig this plan. Members of this plan geek out on the $0 medical deductible.

Trailblazer Silver Plan — Need coverage for your family, medical conditions, or prescriptions? This plan is your jam. Members of this plan brag about the manageable copays for most everything.

Since we built these plans for the self-employed, we make it our business to know what types of things you might need in a health insurance plan. For example, no one likes to be nickeled and dimed for every little doctor’s appointment and check-up, least of all self-employed people on a budget. That’s why we made visits to your doctor free. Yep. Free, as in $0, zip, zilch, zero. You simply choose which plan works best for you along with whether you’d like to receive standard or virtual care options. Then, you can see your doctor (either in-person or virtually) with same- and next-day appointment and pay nothing out of pocket. It’s that easy!

Ready to get started with the coolest self-employed health insurance in Texas? Rad. Get your free quote here.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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