Decent's January 2019 Update

Decent updates

We’re on track to administer affordable health insurance for freelancers this year.

Filing is in in Texas and we are on track to launch in 2019.

This actually worked.

This actually worked, and made Marshall so popular he’s moving to Austin for a month to support launch.

Completing this 29 document, 290 page filing on schedule is a huge milestone. Thanks to Molly for quarterbacking the team’s effort over the holidays, and to Marshall for getting scrappy to help us find prospective members when UPS briefly lost our t-shirts

We signed on our first direct primary care (DPC) physician partners to provide unlimited primary care to our members in Austin. For a primer on how DPC works and why it’s at the center of our health plan, read this. Here’s what Emily Leach — founder of the Texas Freelancer Association — has to say about Decent physician partner Dr. Chris Larson:

“I’ve opted to use Dr. Larson for over a year now through the DPC model, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about having him as my doctor! From the first appointment where he spent over an hour with me to all the money he has saved me through pre-negotiated discounts and alternate options to health care. It’s safe to say that he’s more than my doctor, he’s my friend who helps me stay healthy. Everyone should have a Dr. Larson in their lives.”

This is Dale

Dale from Austin got Decent’s very first t-shirt. The first words out of his mouth were: “You work for yourself, Decent works for you. I like that. Because that’s what I do.”

Decent will reward partners and members for helping us grow.We got legal approval for a bidirectional referral program that will reward partners and eventually members for sharing Decent. Several Decent team members worked together to scale a previous startup to millions of users via referrals, and we are all excited about unlocking growth.

Sample partner

Sample partner page with Orange, a top coworking space in Austin.

Our team is launch complete.

We hired Elizabeth Smith to run customer service in Seattle. Elizabeth has 5 years of CS team management experience, most recently at Riot Games and Keywords Studios as leader of the Support and Player Support teams. You might eventually hear this voice if you call Decent at 1-866-HEART-US.

We added our first QA team member to our tech team in Poland, and got into a prestigious program that offers subsidized office space in Gdańsk.

Thanks for reading,

Nick and the Decent team

Thanks to Korina Stark, Marshall Darr, and Richard Luck.

Welcome to Decent: a new kind of health plan.

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