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You know your clients, we know Decent.

Let's get to know each other.

Get appointed with Decent

You know your clients, we know Decent.

Let's get to know each other.

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First things first:
What is Decent?

Decent is a PEO unlike anything you've seen before. 
We own and operate the health insurance plans we offer, and we offer plans at 35% below market rate, with $0 medical deductibles and unlimited free primary care.
Health insurance has never been more affordable. Payroll has never been simpler. Business is better with Decent.

Decent puts brokers first

Decent is a different kind of PEO. We respect our relationship with brokers, and we’re not looking to poach your clients. Instead, we’re looking to team up to bring them affordable insurance they will love. And because we own and operate our own plans, we don't need to upsell customers complex HR solutions they don’t need.

Zero Plans

$0 medical deductibles with some of the lowest premiums of any ACA-compliant plans in Texas.

Traditional Plan

HSA compatible plan that works with any primary care physician in network.

What you'll love:

Free Direct Primary Care at the center of major medical plans

Imagine pitching your clients on concierge primary care options at no additional cost.

Austin-based customer support team

Our customer support team is the best in the business (we’re biased but still…) and it’s right in your backyard.

HSA compatible and $0 medical deductible options

Our plan designs are as unique as they are needed in the market today. Don’t believe us? Try showing them to any of your clients and see what they say.

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A network your clients will love

Some of the most recognizable names in Texas grace our network and we're growing the list every day.

If you have a client with a make-or-break network request, let our team know and we'll move mountains to get your preferred providers added.

Here are some names you'll recognize that you can already pick from:

A passion for affordability...

Decent has rethought health insurance from the bottom up in order to get you the best pricing in the market for ACA-compliant plans.

Our revolutionary structure allows us to offer small businesses comprehensive plans at prices closer to those previously only enjoyed by large self-funded company plans.


  • Medical City
  • Methodist
  • Concentra
  • Carenow Urgent Care


  • HCA St. David's
  • Austin Regional Clinic
  • Austin Diagnostic Clinic
  • Carenow Urgent Care

San Antonio

  • Christus
  • Methodist
  • Children's Hospital of San Antonio


  • Memorial Hermann
  • Children's Memorial Hermann
  • HCA Houston Healthcare
  • Women's Hospital
  • Texas Ortho Hospital

Broker FAQs

What are Decent’s expansion plans?

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What drugs, at what rates, are in Decent’s formulary?

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If my client buys a virtual DPC plan from Decent, what happens if they want to see an in-person primary care doctor?

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Do Decent plans offer emergency or standard coverage outside of Texas?

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How do I get a quote for a client?

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How does Decent track and pay commissions for its appointed brokers?

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How do I get added as a Broker of Record (BOR) to an existing policy?

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What are the participation and contribution requirements for small business plans?

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How do I know if my clients are eligible to enroll?

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How do I update my agency and general agency affiliation?

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How do I access my Broker account and what can I do from there?

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How can I get appointed to sell Decent’s plans?

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