Team up with Decent

You know your clients, we know Decent.

Let’s get to know each other.

First things first: What is Decent?

Decent is the exclusive third party administrator for a trust with structured multiple employer welfare arrangements under it. Decent has worked exhaustively with it’s partner trust to enable access to benefits previously reserved for large companies, to smaller institutions using this brand new structure.

Due to our plans being built around Direct Primary Care, fully insured-esque benefits at closer to self insured pricing, and a curated (narrow) network - we’re able to offer great coverage at a substantial discount for those who qualify.

Introducing Decent for small business

Starting in October 2020, Decent will begin offering plans for small businesses - same great pricing, same great service, now finally for the meat of your book.

For qualifying companies, Decent will have a full suite of ACA compliant plan options priced at 40% below market rate (complete with our trademark DPC centerpiece). We can’t wait to tell you more.

Zero Plans

$0 medical deductibles with some of the lowest premiums of any ACA compliant plans in Texas

Saver plans

The lowest premiums on any ACA compliant, HSA compatible plans in Texas.

What you’ll love about us:

Direct primary care at the center of major medical plans

Imagine pitching your clients on concierge primary care options at no additional cost.

Austin based customer support team

Our customer support team is the best in the business (we’re biased but still…) and it’s right in your backyard.

HSA compatible and $0 medical deductible options

Our plan designs are as unique as they are needed in the market today. Don’t believe us? Try showing them to any of your clients and see what they say.

Where you can sign up for Decent

Starting October 1st, 2020, everyone in the great state of Texas can enroll in a Decent plan if they qualify.

Useful documents

Quick Formulary

Provider directory

Service area (CSV download)

Group census file (XLSX download)

Trailblazer (Silver) SBC

Zero Bronze SBC & Pricing & benefits summary

Saver Bronze SBC & Pricing & benefits summary HSA Compatible badge

Zero Silver SBC & Pricing & benefits summary

Saver Silver SBC & Pricing & benefits summary HSA Compatible badge

Zero Gold SBC & Pricing & benefits summary

Zero Platinum SBC & Pricing & benefits summary

Broker FAQs

Complete our appointment flow which you can find here. Once you’ve submitted all required information and documents, your personal point of contact will reach out within two business days with a digital copy of our agent agreement for you to sign.

Once your appointment process is complete, you’ll receive an invitation to log into Decent’s broker portal. From there you’ll be able to:

  • Access all of Decent’s forms
  • Request age banded and composite rate group quotes for your clients
    • Note: Decent is currently working on a system to allow brokers to generate age banded quotes in real time. Before that goes live, please allow for two business days between employee census submission and the returning of a formalized quote.
  • Submit employer applications
  • Submit employee enrollment requests
  • Monitor the status of employer applications and associated employee enrollments
  • Submit change orders
  • Get real time billing and commission updates from your submitted accounts

Email your update to with the following information:

  • Your NPN
  • Current agency name
  • Requested new agency name
  • Effective date of change

Decent is the exclusive TPA for a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement and as such, we do have a “commonality of industry requirement” for which companies can enroll. Ours is fairly broad (technology companies and the companies that primarily support them).

Outside of that, your company just needs one non-founder employee.

If you’re curious if your client qualifies, we recommend you chat with our Customer Service Ambassadors who can clear that up for you with a few quick questions.

On our small group plans we have a minimum participation requirement of 40% of eligible employees.

We also have a minimum employer contribution threshold of 50% of employee premiums.

Please have the group’s business administrator complete the Small Group BOR letter and email it to

That’s such a good question we made a whole handout for it. Please check out Decent’s guide to broker commissions to see how your commissions will be tracked and paid.

For an individual, you can direct them to your broker landing page which will be generated when you’re appointed.

For a business, please submit their employee census inside of our broker portal along with your preference for the quote to be prepared as an age banded or composite rate quote.

Urgent and Emergent care out of your area will be covered as in-network. For example, if your client was on vacation in Florida and got stung by a jellyfish scuba diving and had to go to urgent care - we have your client covered. In terms of standard coverage, our network is currently confined to areas within Texas’s state lines. We’ll be expanding soon, but we’re not a good fit for anyone who lives out of state for the time being.

The process is similar to seeing a specialist. Members should seek a referral from their virtual Primary Care Provider to see an in-person primary care doctor. Copay or Coinsurance costs for seeing the in-person primary care doctor would apply.

Decent’s Formulary can be found here. Specific rates are contingent on the plan selected. Please consult our SBCs for full details on pricing per plan type.

Decent expanded from Austin city limits in 2019 to a Texas statewide offering in 2020.

We’re currently evaluating several states to potentially expand to in the near future - just let us know if you have one in mind where you’d like to write our policies and we’ll see what we can do!