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What is Decent?

Decent is administering ACA compliant association health plans for self-employed individuals. Our individual plans cover 1099 contractors, freelancers, sole proprietors, and many more. We’ve launched in Austin and are expanding quickly throughout Texas.


Our goal is to offer your clients better plans for cheaper premiums.

Here are some things you’ll like about us:

Free primary care:

All of our plans are built around Direct Primary Care, so your clients get unlimited access to the same day, half-hour appointments, 24/7 telemedicine with their doctors, and any procedure performed by a primary care physician—all for $0 out of pocket payment.

What you’ll love about us: 

A path forward for companies looking to contribute towards their 1099’s premiums

Year round open enrollment

We offer year-round open enrollment so your clients can switch at any time. There’s just a brief waiting period of first of the month following 30 days.

Through our Defined Contribution, companies can make ongoing payments towards policies owned by their 1099 contractors without disrupting what they’re currently doing for their W2s. The best part? No required contribution amount or participation threshold.

Tax deductible premiums

Health insurance for self-employed individuals is tax deductible. We’ll help your client’s money go further.

Lonestar Plan

The lowest monthly premium on any $0 medical deductible Bronze plan. By a lot.

Trailblazer Plan

Our ACA-compliant Silver level plan covers 10% more annual medical expenses than the standard silver plan, while being priced at 20% below market rate.

Pathfinder Plan 

Our ACA-compliant Bronze level plan has the lowest monthly premiums of any Bronze level plan offered anywhere in our service area, while still including all the benefits of direct primary care.

Broker FAQs



How can I become a broker for Decent plans?

To become a broker with Decent please fill out the form found at the bottom of this page. We’ll reach out to you with our broker agreement!


Who are Decent plans for?

The plans are for 1099 contractors, freelancers, sole proprietors, and many more. Enrollees must attest to two things: that they work at least 20 hours a week and that they make at least enough from their self-employment to pay for their monthly premiums.




Can I sell Decent plans all year long?

Yes, we offer year-round enrollment. We offer year round enrollment with a one month waiting period before the effective date (which will always be on the first of the month).




Does Decent sell plans to small businesses?

We can offer coverage to small businesses with 1099 contractors.




How does Decent track and pay commissions

for health brokers?

That’s such a good question we made a whole hand out for it. Please check out Decent’s guide to broker commissions to see how your commissions will be tracked and paid.




How do I calculate a quote for a shopper?

You can either use our one-page pricing grid for each individual plan (Trailblazer, Pathfinder), or pull them a quote yourself at




How to get appointed with Decent

Easy - simply complete the following form (or email and we’ll be reaching right out with our broker agreement. Once we get a signed copy of that in place, we’ll get you armed with everything you need to sell our plan:

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