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Our mission aligns with yours: to offer affordable, high-quality health plans that serve businesses like never before. Join us in transforming the healthcare landscape.

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We get that benefits are one of the biggest costs for companies. That's why our plans cost about 40% less than traditional options, giving members more while costing businesses less.

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Why choose Decent?

Brokers and advisors are long-term partners on our mission.


Our health plan is built around Direct Primary Care (DPC). That means members get consistent personalized and coordinated care they love.

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We believe businesses big and small (5+ lives) deserve affordable, personalized coverage with seamless support. We're always on call to answer questions and solve problems.

Taylor Rogers

“The team at Decent has built an offering that is desperately needed. They have constructed the plan with highly respected partners in our industry, and I am excited to bring this offering to our clients."

Taylor Rogers
Executive Vice President, Employee Benefits at CCIG
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Decent gives you all the tools you need

Access state of the art tools for easy plan comparisons, enrollment, and management, empowering you to serve your clients more effectively.

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Get state-of-the-art tools for easy plan comparisons, enrollment, and management -- empowering you to serve your clients more effectively.

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Our Support teams are here to help with all of your questions. For best-in-class service, reach out to the Decent team at 1-888-DECENT9.

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