Healthcare Rebel Alliance: Q&A with Doug Geinzer, President of High Performance Providers

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Nick Soman, Decent: Why did you decide to work in healthcare? And why do this?

Doug Geinzer: I like solving extremely complex problems. All things considered; healthcare is not very complex. But how we access healthcare is extremely complex. The number of barriers that are placed between the patient and the physician are unfathomable which greatly impacts the quality and cost of the healthcare we receive. I started on a journey to address this issue many years back believed quality was greatly affected by access and access was restricted by the quantity of healthcare providers there were. What I ultimately discovered was the issue is really caused by the financing of healthcare. I recalibrated and began to focus on the disintermediation of the unnecessary middlemen with misaligned incentives.

Nick Soman, Decent: You've sold ads, worked in recruiting, and helped high-performing physicians contract with self-funded plans. What are the core skills that make you good at what you do?

Doug Geinzer: I like to solve problems and not just manage them. We all know that the healthcare system is working perfectly for those that designed it. It just does not work well for the three parties that matter most in the transaction: The patient receiving the care, the provider delivering the care, and the health plan or employer paying for the care. Having the ability to speak to all three of these audiences is important, so I would say being an effective communicator is the most important skill for a guy like me.

Nick Soman, Decent: What are the best and worst things about your job?

Doug Geinzer: I love the challenge of creating a solution where all parties involved benefit. This is critical if we want to make a difference and deliver better health outcomes for a lower (and transparent) price. The worst part is dealing with all of the people who protect their fiefdoms while jeopardizing patient care. There is no reason for this. These patients are family to someone.

Nick Soman, Decent: Does being a dedicated father make it easier or harder to be a healthcare entrepreneur?

Doug Geinzer: Being a father is a blessing as I look at every scenario as, “Is this what would be in the best interest of my child?” Before we are patients, we are family. We are sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. We have an obligation to treat people with compassion regardless of who they are, because we are humans first.

Nick Soman, Decent: Who else in healthcare inspires you, and why?

Doug Geinzer: I have the highest level of respect for all healthcare providers who dedicate themselves to improve the quality of health of those they treat. This starts with first responders and ends with those providing end of life care. When I was running Las Vegas HEALS, the largest non-profit organization of healthcare providers in Nevada, we hosted an annual gala each year called Inspired Excellence in Healthcare where we honored 6 of the highest performing providers. We also began to honor and recognize non-clinical leaders who made a profound impact on the entire healthcare delivery system. If I were to call out someone in healthcare today that meets this criteria, I would recognize Brian Klepper and all that he has done and continues to do to address our challenges.

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