Set up payroll deductions for health insurance premiums in Square

Leslie Harding
Medical Plans

The following is a summary of setting up payroll deductions for pre-tax health insurance premiums. For complete instructions, check out this article.

  1. From the dashboard, go to the Payroll Team section
  2. Select an employee
  3. Click Add Benefit
  4. If you’re creating a benefit for the first time, click Create New
  5. Enter a plan name as you’d like it to appear in your employee’s pay stubs, for example, Decent Health Insurance
  6. Note: The benefit name can’t be edited retroactively
  7. Click Select, then choose which type of benefit you’d like to enable for this employee
  8. Note: It’s very important that the benefit type is correct, since this determines how your employee deductions and employer contributions are taxed and reported
  9. Specify your employee’s deductions
  10. Specify your company’s contributions towards this benefit
  11. Click Save

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