How do I submit a patient's referral to Decent?

To submit a referral to Decent, please fax it to our Referral Line at 512-729-7178 or securely email it to with the following information:

Patient Identifiers:

  • Patient name:
  • Patient date of birth:
  • Patient address:

Referring Physician (DPC) Identifiers:

  • Referring physician's name:
  • Referring physician's NPI:
  • Referring physician's Phone number:
  • Referring physician's Fax number:
  • Referring physician's mailing address:

Referral Details (what is the patient being referred out for?):

  • Diagnosis Codes (ICD-10):
  • Service Ordered:
  • Service type:
  • Specialty of the provider that patient is being referred to:
  • Name of referred provider (optional):

Note: All Radiology orders require a physician's signature.

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