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Texas Small Business medical insurance plans at 35% below market rate that employees love!

  • $0 medical deductibles

  • Unlimited free primary care

  • Austin Based Support

Your employees will thank you!

Our secret to truly affordable medical insurance

Free Primary Care

Our members never pay anything out of pocket to see their primary care physicians and they're several times more likely to do so in a given year.

Up to 200x

cheaper to treat common illnesses like bronchitis with primary care than an emergency room


fewer emergency room trips from people who have seen a primary care physician in the last 3 years


the amount your employees will pay out of pocket to see their primary care physician

Free primary care leads to healthier members, which means we pay less for care.

Economies of Scale

Large companies have had it better when it comes to medical insurance. Decent helps small companies band together to get similar benefits.


of companies with over 500 employees self-insure


average savings on annual premiums


downside risk for companies on Decent

Decent bands together small businesses to get them pricing closer to self insured rates, with the peace of mind of a fully insured plan.

Health insurance that gets used

We've assembled the best providers in Texas to make sure your employees can see familiar faces on their new plans. If your medical insurance was designed to keep you healthy it would look different - that’s what we did.


of patients without copays reported delaying or skipping recommended tests or treatment because of cost


medical deductible plans, meaning copays day one


increase in likelihood to discontinue their pharmaceutical regimen for every $10 increase in their copays

We built insurance that our members won’t be afraid to use, keeping them healthier and cheaper to cover.

See What it's like with Decent

What small businesses can save by switching to Decent

From UnitedHealth

Save 28%

From BlueCross
BlueShield (HMO)

Save 14%

From Humana

Save 35%

From Aetna

Save 62%

* These numbers were pulled by comparing the price of their most affordable, ACA-compliant silver plan pricing per 30-year-old employee compared to ours (not to brag but ours doesn't have a medical deductible).

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