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Decent vs. ____

Running a small business is a lot of work. Decent helps companies take care of their people. From affordable health insurance employees like to simple payroll and HR solutions you need.

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Price Comparison: Decent vs ____

No separate tiers. No fine print. On average, a 25-employee company can save 40% per year on benefits, payroll, and HR by switching to Decent.

10 employees

25 employees







Annual Savings with Decent



Get more for less with Decent health plans

We designed our exclusive health plans with features small business owners and their employees want including affordable monthly premiums.



Exclusive Health Plan

Free Primary Care

$0 medical deductible

Speedy Appointments

Longer PCP appointments

No referral required

No referral required

What’s the catch? There isn’t one

why Decent over _____

it's not just work, it's your business, and a big part of your business is managing your people and bottom line.

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Benefits, Payroll and HR
for 35% less

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Real people for your people

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Designed for small businesses

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Should You Choose Decent?

Decent is right for your business if…

You want health insurance employees actually like
Your want more affordable employee benefits
You’re frustrated with rising admin fees
You need customer service (not phone trees)
You don’t have a large HR team

Justworks is right for your business if…

Cost savings is not a priority
You don’t mind waiting on hold
• Your employees don’t want health insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Decent PEO so affordable?
Another similar question we get is “what’s the catch?” There is none. We first entered this business with our health plan, designing it from scratch to make it more relevant to small business owners and their needs. As a PEO, we use size and scale to improve affordability while also offering other important services to make work less work for business owners like payroll and HR. No catch, we’re just different than any PEO around.

How quickly can I get a proposal?
We know how much work it is to shop around for benefits, payroll, and HR solutions. So, we make it easy. Once we collect your employee census information, we can turn around a proposal in just two business days.

How easy is it to switch a PEO?
It takes just a little work to make less work. Our account management team will handhold you along the way to ensure a smooth transition. Once completed, your savings begin!

I still have a lot of questions.
We’re available to answer all of your questions. Contact us at support@decent.com or 512-643-4173.

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