Nicole ThurmanMay 213 min read

Hi! I’m Nicole and I just joined Decent

Updated: Jun 25

Hi, I'm Nicole Thurman

What’s your role at Decent?

I am the Partnership Lead at Decent which means I get to engage some of the most absolutely incredible companies, organizations, and associations to help them get their people access to affordable (and usable) health insurance plans.

What is your background?

While I started down the sales and marketing path right out of college, I quickly took a turn and dove head first into the nonprofit world — in anti-human trafficking work, to be exact. Almost the entire first decade of my professional career was spent with a small grass roots team trying to do our frail part to help men, women and children who were being exploited for sex (and sometimes labor) in the United States and abroad. I live for BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) when it comes to people and believe it’s often best when you don’t exactly know what you are getting into from the start.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I turned my career back to for-profit business where I would eventually land in individual health insurance and develop a B2B partnership program for KindHealth, a dynamic agency focused on becoming a Web Based Entity. I was headed into my third year for the company when I encountered Nick Soman and his team. Once I understood what they were building and solving in health insurance, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I am now elated to say I am.

Why were you motivated to join Decent?

Health insurance simply needs to be better. Personally, I worked as an independent contractor for years, for many of which I went without coverage. It was, frankly, very scary. Sadly, there are millions of people in this country in similar situations, and they don’t have a clue how to get or afford what they need. In a country as developed as the United States, proper healthcare for all feels long overdue.

Decent is helping to solve this problem brick by brick by presenting plans that are affordable and accessible to those in non-traditional employment, while maintaining a core focus on a members’ health as a whole — not simply response to illness.

Why is improving healthcare important to you?

Because continuing toward progress is fundamental to our society. The current system is far too complicated and expensive and most people don’t actually know how to even get what they need. If our country could start over, I think we would develop an entirely different system. Since we can’t, small improvements to the current one are the inevitable way forward.

Describe something non-work related that you are passionate about.

Many things that involve a bit of challenge and adrenaline: Skydiving over the ocean in shorts and a t-shirt Downhill mountain biking with a really heavy frame and great shocks Getting lost in a warm-climate culture that requires me to quickly learn on my feet how to communicate, respect, engage someone new who operates by a completely different set of norms and language

  • Surfing anywhere warm that doesn’t require a wetsuit
  • Riding a beautiful vintage motorcycle anywhere anytime! Ducati for the win!
  • Learning how to play new string instruments - still working on the ole claw hammer banjo
  • Weight lifting in old bodybuilding gyms next to men who could eat me for lunch
  • Silent retreating. Try being an extrovert for a day at one of these!
  • Visiting my big southern family for the holidays