Hi! I'm Paul and I work at Decent.

September 1, 2020

What is your role at Decent?

I’m an IT project manager at Decent. My job is to Improve the software development life cycle process, gather and define technical requirements, and drive Decent’s projects to the finish line. In other words, unite the tribes, herd the cats, and read the future.

What is your background?

I started off in customer support roles and quickly found my way into managing projects. I have been a project manager for over 10 years, with the majority of my experience in healthcare revenue cycle management projects. I've also worked in startup land designing and deploying retail programs in a highly regulated industry as well as expanding programs for contingent staffing providers in fortune 500 companies.

Why were you motivated to join Decent?

Decent seeks to put power back in the hands of their customers and care providers. This is quite different from the current healthcare insurance environment which promotes outcomes based on profit margins, lacks transparency, and views it’s subscribers as a product instead of a person.

Why is improving healthcare important to you?

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on my third birthday. Successfully managing this condition fundamentally changes your priorities in life and creates significant constraints on one's approach to a professional career. These changes happen not because the disease itself is hard to manage, although it is quite hard to manage, but because your access to life supporting medication is in the hands of someone else. Having had the experience of being an uninsured type 1 diabetic in my early 20s I know the anxiety one feels when the majority of their income must be spent on medication instead of paying down student debt, adding to your savings, or just knowing you'll have enough money to make ends meet that month. These are challenges we as a society can and should remove. Decent provides me the opportunity to do this for others to the best of my abilities.

Describe something not-work related you are passionate about.

I'm up for just about anything that will get me outside and moving. Some of my top activities include…

  • Ultimate Frisbee -  the greatest sport ever invented by man
  • Shore fishing
  • Backpacking and hiking, especially with my wife and dogs
  • Gardening
  • Yoga