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Decent March update

Most large U.S. employers self-insure, saving up to 30% on healthcare costs. Self-employed people have never been able to band together for similar savings. New regulations have made it possible, and Decent is making it easy.

We’re getting licensed, locked, and loaded to do things right.

  • Decent got approved to operate as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Texas, so we can help groups of people self-insure.

  • I passed my exam to become an Accident and Health insurance agent, and several teammates are in the process of getting licensed, so we can help people decide if the plans we administer are right for them.

  • We’re working closely with the Texas Department of Insurance to finalize our launch plans. They have been helpful, forward-thinking, and supportive of our efforts to bring affordable healthcare to Texas.

  • We got the go-ahead from our counsel on future plans to reward members who make high-value care choices. Early UI explorations are below.

Brokers are teaching us what sells, and we’re signing them up to sell it.

  • Health insurance brokers drive most off-exchange sales, because they build deep relationships with their clients, even in the individual market.

  • Brokers have unparalleled insight on what buyers want. We’re working closely with brokers to make sure the plans we administer suit the needs of the self-employed workers in knowledge trades we will initially serve.

  • We’ve signed on several brokers to help sell, including both large online brokers and individual brokers in Austin.

We’re working on our swag.

  • Check our website for big updates: to share plan details, showcase some of the doctors we’re working with, and let anyone in Austin get a quote.

  • We’ll be speaking at the Hint Summit in San Francisco on April 26th and 27th, introducing Decent to leaders in the DPC and direct care community.

T-shirts, buttons, and stationery. Swag.

Elizabeth, Korina, and Molly. Swag.

On February 9th, Mike and his wife Asia welcomed their daughter Hanna. SWAG.

How you can help 🙏

  • We’re building out our network. If you’re connected with Seton Hospital or other specialty clinicians or hospitals in Austin, let me know. 🙏

  • We’d love intros to Austin-based companies who work with lots of self-employed people (including 1099 contractors) in skilled trades. 🙏

  • If you have connections at Haven (the Amazon/JPMorgan Chase/Berkshire Hathaway collaboration), they are looking to ally with companies making healthcare better, and I’d like to meet them. 🙏

Thanks for reading,

Nick and the Decent team

Thanks to Korina Stark and Ryan Scott.

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