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Decent February update

If you work for yourself, Decent works for you.

  • Most Americans get health insurance via their employer, and most large employers have switched from “fully funded” plans (where insurance companies pay for claims) to “self-insured” plans (where employers pay for claims directly, with stop loss covering the downside) — often saving 30% or more in the process, and getting plans that are custom-built for them.

  • The 15% of Americans who don’t get insurance via their employer or the government are painfully underserved. They have never before been able to band together to get similar cost savings and customization.

  • New regulations have made this possible. Decent is going to make it easy, initially for freelancers and independent contractors in Austin, Texas. You can learn more about why we’re serving freelancers first here.

We shipped our first code to production.

  • This year Decent will administer a more affordable comprehensive insurance plan than any comparable plan on the Texas health exchange. Our tech team has been hard at work making the signup flow simple.

  • Meanwhile, here are Ryan and Suzanne in our laundry-room-turned-recording studio creating Decent’s Interactive Voice Response menu.

We have boots on the ground in Austin and are building a network there

  • Marshall moved to Austin (!) to support launch. Here he is presenting to an excited Texas crowd at the Wolf House event space last night.

How you can help 🙏

  • Please click here to tweet and help us engage the freelancer community (this is really important). Personal messages are welcome.

  • If you know brokers or smart companies who serve freelancers or independent contractors — in Texas or nationally — please email us at hello@decent.com.

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