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How Decent Lowered Hamilton Health Box's Health Insurance Costs by 50%

By partnering with Decent, Hamilton Health Box cut its health insurance costs in half, while also taking advantage of Decent's low-cost payroll and HR services. Today Hamilton Health Box has more employees enrolled in health insurance than ever before. If you ask CEO Toby Hamilton, doing so may have even saved one of their lives.


Reduction in Employer Plan Costs


Increase in Employee Participation


Per Member
PEO Fees

Hamilton Health Box

Improving access to employee health care with a suite of primary, urgent, and emergent care services at the workplace through micro-clinics and immersive telemedicine technologies.

● Industry: Health care
● Location: Houston, Texas
● Size: 36 employees
● Decent PEO Services: Health insurance, Payroll, Multi-state HR support

Zooming Out

For Hamilton Health Box CEO and Founder Dr. Toby Hamilton, the disconnect between the company’s mission — to pave the way for accessible, transparent healthcare — and its own staff’s ability to access healthcare coverage was unsettling. Less than 25% of its employees were enrolled in the company health plan. It was simply too expensive.

Their situation isn't unique.

Small businesses across the U.S., struggle to offer meaningful healthcare benefits. Why is health insurance out of reach? Size matters when it comes to health insurance access. Large employers with ample staff have access to self-funded health plans which are more customizable, affordable, and predictable. The greater the size of the “risk pool,” the easier it is to control costs. Instead, small businesses are left with less flexible, fully-insured small business plans that are typically expensive for business owners and their employees.

The Results

When Hamilton Health Box learned they could save 50% on their health coverage costs by switching to Decent, they admittedly thought there was a catch. Decent health plans include free and unlimited primary care, $0 medical deductibles, and a referral network with well-known healthcare brands. Along with Decent's  “right-sized” and right-priced payroll and HR services, the savings was unbeatable. An unexpected and grateful benefit — more employees than ever enrolled in the company health plan, from 25% to more than 75% of employees covered. 

How Decent is Different

Health insurance is a big pain and cost for small businesses. Unlike other companies, Decent built and manages its own health plans. It means Decent can keep administrative costs low while also offering benefits that make sense. And by banding small businesses together through a PEO, Decent is able to give small businesses the size and scale they need for more affordability.

Zooming In

Being proactive in employees' health is good for business.  “You could argue that we potentially saved one of my employees' lives by virtue of identifying a problem earlier,” reflected Dr. Hamilton about the impact of his company signing up with Decent health plans. “It's something that I don't think they would've gone to the doctor for normally if it were not for the fact that they had easy access to free primary care.” With access to Decent health plans, payroll, and other small business benefits, both the employer and employee can focus instead on their business.

A better deal for employers. A better business for us.

“Decent knows that when we make primary care free and very accessible, we can catch health issues earlier, which is better for employee health and saves money for the employer – which is then passed on, allowing staff to actually afford healthcare for the first time,” said Dr. Hamilton.

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