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Affordable healthcare is coming.


Spend less, and get a doctor that listens to you.

Decent is launching a health plan that will cover you and your family at roughly 70% the cost of traditional insurance. We will support you in ways that most health plans claim is impossible. Low cost does not mean low quality.  

It’s free when you visit your primary care physician.

In addition to providing you the best patient experience, we want your doctor to get to know you and help you be a more confident consumer should you need to access services outside their offices.

Should an emergency occur, we have you covered there too. Should you get a bill you don’t understand you have your own concierge to walk you through and even advocate for you on your behalf. We strive to make your health care experiences as easy and worry free as possible with no surprises.

We are changing the way health insurance works so it works for you.



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