If you’re in Austin, Texas, and self-employed, you can enroll in minutes.

Love your health insurance in 2020.

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Real health insurance

Independent, ACA compliant plans

20-40% cheaper premiums

If you don’t qualify for subsidies

Year-round enrollment

Preexisting conditions accepted. 

Questions? We have answers.

We would be happy to talk with you directly on the phone or through email.

We get it. Health insurance is complicated.

That's why we pride ourselves on offering personal assistance.

Need to know a little more about Direct Primary Care before deciding?

Plans designed to fit your needs:

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—  Tiffini

Decent Customer


For three years we didn’t have insurance as it is so expensive. Then we found Decent - it is better than the market at half the price. Way better coverage and way better benefits.

We might look familiar

If you've seen us before, it might have been on the news.

We have some Amazing Partners & Backers

Even our doctors are enrolling

Dr. Larson was one of our first Direct Primary Care physicians. Once he got to know our plans he enrolled himself.

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